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Fires of Dionysias was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Mysterious fires are destroying farms in Dionysias, killing the farmers and threatening the livelihood of all who live there.


(Note: There are two alternative ways to receive this quest.)
Bayek came across a shrine and a praying man on Hotephres' ship.

  • Bayek: Who is this shrine dedicated to?
  • Man: I am praying for the people killed by fires in Dionysias. Someone is burning down their farms.
    You, Medjay, could help to stop it.
  • Bayek: I will try to help.

If Bayek spoke to the praying man, and then came across a burnt down farm.

  • Bayek: Just as the praying man said. This farm was torched as if by Ra himself.

If Bayek came across a burnt down farm without talking to the praying man.

  • Bayek: That farm has been torched as if by Ra himself. There is nothing left.

A farmer noticed Bayek approaching.

  • Farmer: A man is coming. He is armed. What should we do?
  • Zahra: I am armed too. We are not in any danger. Be calm.

Bayek walked up to the farmer.

  • Bayek: My name is Bayek, a Protector...
  • Man: A protector? We could use one. Talk to my lady.

Bayek walked up to Zahra and spoke to her.

  • Bayek: I am Bayek, a Medjay.
  • Zahra: A real Medjay? Not a Phylakitai I hope! I'm Zahra. This was my farm.
  • Bayek: Who burned it down?
  • Zahra: Hordes. The neket iadets trying to drive us out. They are lucky I wasn't here I would have spread their guts across my fields.
    I am going to warn my Greek neighbor. His farm might be next. Please join me.
  • Bayek: I will follow you, Zahra. We have to protect this land.
  • Zahra: Yes, it is rich and fertile and worth fighting over. Like me!
    His farm isn't far from here. See if you can keep up, Medjay.

Zahra and Bayek mounted up and made their way to Bion's farm.

  • Zahra: What brings you to the Faiyum? We get few visitors this way. Medjay especially.
  • Bayek: I am... hunting murderers.
  • Zahra: You came to the right place. Full of dogs worth killing. The Faiyum is not the oasis it once was.
  • Bayek: How long have your farms been getting burned?
  • Zahra: Since the dawn of the New Ptolemy. Most of the farmers... they could not fight back and got pushed out.
    My family was amongst those who fought. The struggle became our way of life.
    I fought so much I forgot to fall in love. I am a romantic though. My father warned me to marry and give him lots of grandchildren. Gods! Me with a bunch of screaming kids! Our land needed protection, so I learned to fight.
  • Bayek: Egypt needs fighters. It was a good decision.
  • Zahra: Turns out I am apt at shit kicking.
  • Bayek: A warrior farmer. You must have stories.
  • Zahra: So many. We should swap tales around the fire sometime. With your help, maybe I'll have time to fall in love.

They arrived at Bion's farm, and espied the bandits and their handiwork.

  • Bayek: I do not suppose your Greek neighbor is harboring these fire bandits?
  • Zahra: That would make things simpler. But no. Those are definitely uninvited guests.
  • Bayek: Keep a safe distance. I'm going to...
  • Zahra: Nek no! You are not! You keep a safe distance. I will be amidst the blood splatter!
  • Bayek: A farmer warrior with a Duat wish. Fine, let us dance together.

They approached the villa.

  • Zahra: Damn these wretched cowards!

They could hear a bandit talking to Bion.

  • Bandit: You have been looking for us, we know. We thought we would save you time and come to you.
    We are here to help. When we bring you to the fire, you will understand. You will be purified.
    The flames will release your pain. It will all burn away. Son of Ra will set you free.

Bayek and Zahra found Bion inside the villa.

  • Bayek: Are you alright?
  • Bion: I... I don't think so. The bindings were so tight I can't feel my legs. Get me out of here before more bandits come!
  • Zahra: Bion! What a mess.
  • Bayek: I will carry you. Let's go.

Bayek carried Bion out of the villa.

  • Bayek: (Grunts) You're heavier than you look!
  • Zahra: Maybe you would like me to carry him?

Bayek laid the man on the ground.

  • Bion: Zahra. That was frightening!
  • Zahra: Nek! Bion we cannot live scared! You must fight back!
  • Bion: You truly are a gift from the gods Zahra. I tell all my Greek friends of Zahra, the warrior farmer.
  • Zahra: We need to find the bandits' nest.
  • Bion: I might know where it is. Servants tracked riders coming south from the White Desert. There is nothing out that way except some ruins.
    And they mentioned the name Son of Ra. I think he is their leader.
  • Zahra: Son of Ra? He will soon be the Son of Nothing. Into the desert we go, Bayek.
    Bayek, we need to get moving. It's a long damned way.
  • Bayek: Okay, let's get there.

Zahra and Bayek mounted up and headed into the desert.

  • Zahra: Gods, by Anubis I love the desert! It awes me. It always has.
    I cried like a little girl the first time I came here. I didn't know why. My father told me I was being silly.
  • Bayek: The desert brings out different sides to us.
  • Zahra: Yes. It gets cold at night.
  • Bayek: A fighter like you must have a few farmers interested. Have you never wanted a family of your own? You do not have anyone in mind?
  • Zahra: I fight too much. Well, maybe a Medjay warrior could change that. (laughs)
  • Bayek: That's an invitation.

After a long ride, Zahra and Bayek reached the ruins, south of Dionysias.

  • Zahra:' That looks like ruins up ahead.

By a ruined wall, there were some human remains, and a message.

  • Bayek: This is insanity! They killed themselves in honor of their leader.
  • Our Hope in Death:
    Son of Ra is a shining beacon who lights the path to a new order.
    His wisdom has been misrepresented for madness, but he has seen the world for what it is. He seeks only to enlighten and cleanse the blinded ones. We have given many others the blessing of Ra, and now we want it for ourselves. On that great and shining day when he returns, we will transcend with him, as he promised. Ra's cleansing fire burn in and through you all.

Bayek and Zahra entered the ruins, and could hear bandits talking.

  • Bandit 1: You know the Son of Ra is crazy right?
  • Bandit 2: Why? Because he's not like everyone else? He opened our eyes! He never lied to us. He doesn't even take anything from the farms.
  • Bandit 1: But they have caught him now.
  • Bandit 2: The Son of Ra will never give up and neither should we. Don't you know what happened to him? His family?
    They burned his farm for no reason. He watched his family die!
  • Bandit 1: Which is why he hates farmers more than he hates soldiers. They all just stood back and watched. Well they'll burn too, one by one.
  • Bandit 2: But they are going to execute him now. What do we do?
  • Bandit 1: He already told us this would happen. We know what to do.

Bayek killed the bandit leader, and found a message on him.

  • The Blessing of Ra:
    My little children, we live in faithless times. You see it. This world is lost but I will burn it. My death is my transcendence. Don't worry, gods do not die. They do not give up, and they do not fall down. What you don't do is what I will do. All will see a new corona take its place with my return, Sunstroker, the Son of Ra.
  • Bayek: This was not their leader. The Son of Ra, their real leader, has been giving orders from prison. He's being held by soldiers at a nearby Caravanserai.
    He has been ordering the burnings. He thinks he is a god, and invincible.
  • Zahra: Then we'll make the neket iadet bleed and prove him wrong.

At the feet of the statue of Sobek, a shrine was set up.

  • Bayek: Old mementoes and trinkets. These look personal. All of them are marked by fire.

Bayek inspected some oil urns.

  • Bayek: Oil, and lots of it. This is how they are starting the fires.

They mounted up and made their way towards the Caravanserai west of Dionysias.

  • Zahra: You fight well, Bayek.
  • Bayek: As do you. Your study was not wasted.
  • Zahra: The bandits believe this Son of Ra is a god? How did he convince them of that? Ra's son? That's insane. And it's creepy.
  • Bayek: I have seen it before. If you want to believe in something badly enough, you will believe anything. And do anything.

They arrived at the Caravanserai.

  • Bayek: Zahra, do not argue with me about this. I have to do this next task alone.
  • Zahra: Stop saying that camel shit! I'm not waiting around while you do the fighting.
  • Bayek: Look, it is cleaner this way. It will be easier for me to get in alone.
  • Zahra: Alright. Have it your way. I'll be near by.

As Bayek made his way inside, he could hear the Son of Ra and the guards speaking.

  • Son of Ra: I was asleep in a mound of dirt, now I rise from the buried earth.
  • Guard 1: That crazy is not right in the head. Did you see his eyes? Do you think he's really the Son of Ra?
  • Guard 2: He is a dangerous little madman. But he has got his own private army. They do whatever he says.
  • Guard 1: I'm more scared of what they will do next.
  • Guard 2: Somehow he's still communicating with them. Could a normal man do that? If he is a god a cage won't stop him. Is he even still there?
  • Guard 1: I just finished my rounds. He is there. The Captain wants him executed, but someone higher up is protecting him.
  • Guard 2: Then we'll have to get his followers before they get us.

As Bayek approached Son of Ra, the man spoke again.

  • Son of Ra: I live. I sniff the air. I feel the dirt beneath my feet. I grow, and swell.

Bayek killed Son of Ra. Bayek found himself in the dark, the air burning, Son of Ra standing atop a pyramid, the Sun a glorious, burning disc behind him.

  • Bayek: You die easily for a god.
  • Son of Ra: I am nobody. Nobody.
    But when the Son of Ra stands on the mountain and says "do it", it gets done.
  • Bayek: Nek! You told them to murder.
  • Son of Ra: I am not sorry. Is Bayek of Siwa sorry? I lost my family, you lost your family. We have the right to do anything we want to anyone.
  • Bayek: No, we are different.
    You burned farms. You killed innocents. You are insane.
  • Son of Ra: Hypocrite! You can pile up one thousand dead bodies in front of me. It doesn't change me.
    The world will burn! The Order won't save it! You will burn with it, Medjay...
  • Bayek: May you walk the Land of the Duat.

Son of Ra dispersed into ash.

  • Bayek: He is dead. I should tell Zahra.

Bayek found Zahra nearby.

  • Bayek: Son of Ra is dead. It was disturbing. His madness almost made sense.
  • Zahra: If you stare deeply enough into any madness, there is a logic.
  • Bayek: So what now? The fires are stopped. Your farms are safe.
  • Zahra: I don't know. I am hungry though. Now we return to the farm to feast in peace.
  • Bayek: Is that an invitation?
  • Zahra: Ha-ha, you are the Medjay. You figure it out. My gate is open and my fruit is sweet.


With the help of Zahra, Bayek tracked and killed the Son of Ra, ending his reign of fire.



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