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Firecrackers are small explosive devices mainly designed to produce a large amount of noise. Although mostly used for entertainment purposes, they have also been used by Assassins and Templars alike as a diversionary tool.


Firecrackers originated in China, predating the invention of gunpowder around 850 AD.[1]

By 1526, Chinese Assassin Shao Jun used firecrackers to help her distract and stun guards in her quest to avenge her order's destruction at the hands of the Eight Tigers.[2]

In 1735, the Assassin Adéwalé was given firecrackers by the leader of the Maroon rebellion, Augustin Dieufort, the former's recruits having salvaged them.[3] Adéwalé would subsequently use them to distract guards.[4]

By 1756, the Assassin gangs of New York had begun developing bullets that emitted loud noises, serving a similar function to firecrackers. The Templar Christopher Gist investigated the production, but was captured in the process.[5] The Assassin-turned-Templar Shay Cormac would put these bullets to use himself with his air rifle, using them to destroy barrels of gunpowder or poison, distract guards, or draw Assassin stalkers out of hiding.[6]

In 2012, firecrackers were used by members of Abstergo Industries' Animi Training Program,[7][8] as well as the general populace in the same year,[9] and in 2013.[10]