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Finnr was a Viking who served under Halfdan Ragnarsson during the invasion on England in the 9th century. He was also appointed steward of the kingless kingdom of East Anglia by Guthrum, tasked with finding and grooming a successor for the slain king Edmund the Martyr.


During the 9th century, Finnr assisted Eivor in raising a joint force of Anglo-Saxons and Danes to assault Burgh Castle and avenge the presumed murder of client-king Oswald of East Anglia.[1] Upon breaching the castle's walls, they discovered Oswald to be alive and captured by the chieftain Rued. After Eivor defeated Rued in personal combat, Finnr, Eivor, and Valdis freed Oswald. Valdis and Oswald reaffirmed their love for each other, while Finnr went off to nap.[2] Afterwards, Finnr met Eivor at Elmenham for the wedding of Valdis and Oswald.[3]

Behind the scenes

The name Finnr is Old Norse in origin, meaning 'wanderer'.[4] It is also a personal name and byname meaning either 'Lapp' (of the Sámi people) or 'Finn' (of the Finnish people).[5]

Finnr claimed to Eivor on their first meeting that he had already attempted to enthrone a man named Æthelstan as king of East Anglia, who had been killed by Rued, before turning to Oswald. Historically, there was a king of East Anglia by that name. Æthelstan reigned from 827 to 840s, preceding both of Oswald's predecessors Æthelweard of East Anglia (r. 840s – 854) and Edmund the Martyr (r. 855 – 869). Æthelstan was also the regnal name taken by Guthrum, who would convert to Christianity and assume the East Anglian throne after Oswald.

Additionally, on board the longship, Finnr uses a different name to refer to the choice before Oswald, calling the man Aethelred, saying he was a priest and pious to the point of fanaticism. His faith and courage did nothing to save him from being butchered by Rued. It is unknown which of the two names the developers intended to be canon.



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