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Finding His Flock was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


A stranger walked into the inn, turning out to be a Father, which sparked the need for a church on the homestead.


As Connor was enjoying a meal in Oliver's tavern, a man walked in.

  • Timothy: Excuse me. Might I impose upon the kindness in your heart to give bed and board to a weary traveler?
  • Oliver: Oh, Traveler from where?
  • Timothy: Across an ocean. London.
  • Godfrey: English? Ha ha ha!
  • Timothy: Rest assured I'm not the King's man.

Corrine brought Timothy a bowl of soup.

  • Timothy: A great kindness. Bless you.
  • Terry: We work hard for what we have here, old man. What is it you do exactly?
Finding His Flock 3

Timothy revealing himself as a priest

  • Timothy: I wish to provide God for those who seek His salvation, not spoon feed His word to those who already have their own. An outlook not shared by the Monarchy.
  • Lance: ...Lord knows some of us have things to confess...
  • Corrine: Ollie and I have been missing our Sunday mass.
  • Ellen: I'd like Maria to read the bible. I'm sure if we all pitched in we could build a church. If you'd be our pastor. Connor?
  • Connor: Welcome... minister?
  • Timothy: Father. Father Timothy.

Connor raised enough money to build the church.

  • Timothy: Bless you. This will build a fine place of worship. I am most grateful.


Father Timothy joined the Homestead.



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