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Final Act was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Crawford Starrick's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob resolved to assassinate Roth, who had invited him to a performance at the Alhambra Music Hall.


Jacob observed the entrance to the Alhambra.

  • Vendor: Masks, over here!
  • Employee: This way to the Alhambra!

After speaking to one of his employees, Roth put on a mask and entered the Alhambra.

  • Jacob: Roth...
  • Usher: Masked guests this way.
    Masks only. I repeat, ladies and gentlemen, this entrance is masks only.

Jacob killed one of Roth's guards, stole his mask and put it on. He then joined the other special guests and followed them inside.

  • Usher: Let us enter the theatre for tonight's performance!
    Everyone ready? Then let's proceed!
  • Roth: Mesdames et Messieurs, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Alhambra Music Hall! Tonight, we have, for one night only, a very special performance of Corvus the Trickster. While some of the effects may be visceral and highly disturbing, do not be alarmed, my good people. Fear not! This is the purest form of entertainment! Tonight's performance immortalizes and is for the benefit of a young fellow very near and dear to my heart. Any concerns or complaints may be addressed to him, ha ha ha! Jacob, dear boy, tonight is for you.
Jacob scouts the Area M4

Jacob scouts the stage

Jacob observed the area from a viewing gallery.

  • Mary: I'll be serving you this evening, gentlemen.
  • Blighter 1: You still here, love? Last time, I swear, you nearly poisoned us!

Roth walked behind the stage.

  • Blighter 2: Scene two, stand by!

In the meantime, a machinist was locked inside a room.

  • Machinist: Let me out! I need to lower the grid for the show!
  • Roth: We have a volunteer! A big round of applause for this brave, brave man!
    Our volunteer is about to die for you, Jacob.
    You lucky people are about to witness this gentleman being fired upon at point-blank range. Our performer will hit several targets placed around his head! Exciting, is it not?
    Oh ho ho! Will our honored guest go unharmed?
    We British are a hardy bunch. Let's put that hardiness to the test!
    What a thrill! Do not fret, my friends, it's all part of the show! Please stay with us as we prepare for the next turn!
    We found a suitably flat-headed gentleman for this one! You laugh, ladies and gentlemen, but I assure you that is the case!
    I have no doubt that you can hazard a guess as to what this one concerns, my friends.
    Our courageous participant hasn't even flinched!
    Standing a few feet away, our performer expertly throws his knives at the apple, slicing it in two.
    For this trick, ladies and gentleman, we have found a most courageous volunteer!
    With our courageous volunteer in the box, the celebrated illusionist will proceed to saw him in half! Watch as our esteemed guest emerges unharmed!
    Our skilled illusionist, "Sabertooth Jane", is performing this famous trick. She is said to have studied at the feet of the mysterious Torrini himself!
    The saw Miss Jane is using this evening is imported from the ancient city of Kodumanal, celebrated for manufacturing the finest steel in the world.
    Behold the grace with which Jane wields her saw. A diamond in the rough, I dare say!
    Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous! To thank our guest for participating in the show, we've invited him backstage to partake of some refreshment before returning to the audience. Our next turn will begin shortly. Please stay seated as we prepare. You won't want to miss this!

Jacob made his way to the room where the machinist was held.

  • Machinist: Help! Help me! They've locked me in here!

He freed the machinist.

  • Machinist: That's a daisy. Ta muchly.

The machinist lowered the rafter above the stage. The waitress brought a drink to one of Roth's decoys.

  • Mary: Your drink, sir.
  • Decoy: Mary, you're a sweet, sweet girl.
  • Mary: Happens to be me job, sir.
  • Decoy: Thank you kindly.

Jacob spoke with the waitress in order to discreetly poison her pitcher.

  • Jacob: Excuse me, love. Just looking for the lavatory.
  • Mary: It's over there.
  • Jacob: Thanks.
Teatre's Play Room N1 M4

Jacob looking for the decoys

Several decoys and Blighters were served the poisoned drinks and died shortly afterwards. Jacob then killed the rest of the decoys.

  • Jacob: Where is he?
    If he's not Roth...
    Roth! Show yourself!

As Jacob killed the decoys, Roth spoke to him.

  • Roth: Oh my! Are your principles drifting, dear?
    The flavor intensifies the second time, the hunt now a search for want rather than need.
    The search consumes you, creed forgotten, prey visualized, mouth watering.
    Leaves a strange taste in your mouth, doesn't it? Like eating pork when expecting venison.
    Are you trying to repent, my dear? It is not too late to join me in my grand finale!

Roth appeared on stage and took off his mask.

  • Roth: Ha ha ha! I hope you have enjoyed your evening so far, ladies and gentlemen. I know I have. Now, before our final act, I would like to toast all of you brave people who joined us tonight to celebrate life... and death. Go on, toast them!

Roth's Blighters drank flammable liquid and breathed fire onto the stage, setting the theatre alight.

  • Roth: Ha ha ha! Your move, Jacob, my dear! Burn! Burn! BURN!
    Over here, Jacob!
    Don't hide from me, darling!
    Come out, come out, wherever you are!
    Join me for the finale!
    Jacob, my dear! Where aaaare yooouuu?
Jacob about to deliver the killing blow M4

Jacob about to assassinate Roth

Jacob climbed the rafter above the stage and cut the rope holding a counterweight, entangling Roth in one end of the rope and dragging him up near the rafter. Jacob then pulled him onto the rafter and assassinated him with his Hidden Blade.

  • Roth: Darling, what a night! The stuff of legends!
  • Jacob: Why did you do it? All of it?
  • Roth: What? Snap a baby crow's neck between my thumb and forefinger? Slice to bits the ones you deem innocent? Keep the world in its divine manic state? For the same reason I do anything!

Roth grabbed and kissed Jacob, much to the latter's shock.

  • Roth: Why not?

Roth laughed before passing away, after which Jacob smeared his handkerchief with his target's blood. He then made his escape from the burning theatre.

  • Jacob: I'll never make it out alive.
    What a nightmare!
    Damn this place from Hell to Hackney!

Jacob ran out of the Alhambra and observed the fire. Afterwards, Starrick contemplated in his office.

  • Starrick: Order has bred disorder. The sea rises to flood the pubs and extinguish the street-lamps. Our city will die. Twopenny has failed, Lucy has failed. Brudenell, Elliotson... Pearl. All have gone into the night. It is up to me now.
London will be reborn M4

Starrick evaluates his next movements against the Assassins

Starrick called to his butler to brush his suit.

  • Starrick: The Assassins have brought nature's fury into our houses. Men have become monsters, barrelling toward us, teeth out.

Starrick called off his butler.

  • Starrick: Our civilization must survive this onslaught.

Starrick picked up his knife and left the office with his butler.

  • Starrick: To prevent a return to the Dark Ages, I will start anew. London must be reborn.


Jacob was able to assassinate Roth, provoking Starrick to personally take action against the Assassins and attempt to reinstate his control over London.



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