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Fin de Siecle was a server bridge, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Abstergo initiated a server sweep, forcing the Helix initiate to evade and escape from one Helix server to another.


  • Bishop: Jesus, Deacon, do you read? What the hell is that?
  • Deacon: I'm here, Bishop. That's a server sweep. Abstergo is looking for you. And they're close.
  • Bishop: Dammit. Can you open a server bridge?
  • Deacon: Hey, come on, it's me. Already on it. Couple seconds.
  • Bishop: Initiate. We're opening a server bridge. Find the portal and pass through before the sweep finds you.
  • Deacon: Got it. Go!
  • Bishop: Do you see it? They're hard to miss. Jumping from one Helix server to another should buy you a few more hours. If it doesn't, we're screwed.
  • Deacon: Well, WE'RE not screwed. It's your initiate who gets the brunt.
  • Bishop: Deacon. You're not helping.

The Initiate approached the portal.

  • Bishop: There it is. Go!

The Initiate jumped through the portal, coming out on the other side.

Fin de Siecle 3

The Initiate walking through 19th century Paris

  • Bishop: The signal's holding. Good. You're wading outside the main simulation now. This will throw Abstergo off your trail for a while, but you'll also run into a lot of incomplete and corrupted code. Which probably explains why the people here, aren't quite... here.
    Hmm, looks like the late 1800s. Now this is a Paris I wouldn't mind visiting. Maybe another time. Right now, you need to get to the exit portal.
    I can't see a path through though. See if you can find a route underground.
    You know, the Belle Époque looks a lot cleaner than Revolutionary Paris, don't you think? Fewer beheadings too, I bet.
    No, these streets don’t seem to lead anywhere. There has to be an underground path somewhere.
    I don’t think they can see you. They’re like the Ghosts of Christmas Past. If Dickens had written shoddy code.

The initiate approached the subway entrance.

Fin de Siecle 6

The Initiate avoiding the train

  • Bishop: That's it! I'm reading a route through the Metro station ahead. Shit - this area is becoming unstable.

After a while, the Initiate exited the metro network, noticing the portal atop the Statue of Liberty.

  • Bishop: There you are! And you've found the exit, good. It's an unstable vortex of energy, so there's no knowing how it will disrupt the simulation.
    It looks like you'll have to climb Lady Liberty. She must have bled through from another time period. The French should have shipped her off to the States by now.
    Just get to the portal. I'll do what I can to stop it from closing! See you on the other side!

The Initiate reached the portal and jumped through.

  • Bishop: And we’re back. Not everyone is so fortunate their first time through a bridge. Sometimes, our initiates are trapped in the system, and we have no choice but to send someone like you, in to rescue them. In fact, one of our initiates is caught in a Belle Époque server right now. If you’re not too exhausted, you can re-enter the bridge, and rescue him. Alright. Back to work, Initiate.


The Helix initiate managed to evade Abstergo's server sweep.



  • Concept artwork reveals that the memory is set during the 1889 Exposition Universelle.
  • The Statue of Liberty was delivered to the USA by 1885 while the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889, this anachronism is due to the statue bleeding through.
  • A concept artwork shows the Wright Flyer I. However, this is anachronistic for the 1889 setting of the expo as it was developed in 1903 in reality.
  • The name of the mission means "End of century" in French.


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