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Fighting For Faiyum was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A corrupt Ptolemy Commander at nearby Fort Boubastos is extorting grain from Faiyum's farmers. Bayek must convince the farmers to help him end the corruption.


Bayek found Hotephres and Khenut praying at Shadya's shrine, and approached them.

  • Hotephres: It is true. The soldiers were only the beginning. We have to deal with this Commander.
  • Khenut: We need more information. How far does the corruption go? It may rise as far as Ptolemy's inner circle. We cannot trust any Phylakitai. We cannot do it alone, we need Faiyum.
  • Hotephres: Most of the farmers will not talk for fear of the soldiers. But they are angry. It will not take much to convince them.
  • Bayek: Let me talk to that farmer the captain was threatening. I'll spread the word.

Bayek found the farmer in a field and approached him.

  • Bayek: Seni! I saw what happened with the soldiers.
  • Man: Nebet Khenut took a big risk. I appreciate what she did, but it won't change anything. I'm sorry, but I must keep working. I've got a stack of fires to light.
  • Bayek: Let me help, then.

Bayek helped the farmer to burn his pyres.

  • Man: What are you doing?
  • Bayek: Lighting your fires.
  • Man: You don't give up, do you?
  • Bayek: Ra will ensure your crops are fertile seni.

After setting fire to all the stacks, Bayek returned to the farmer.

  • Bayek: There you are. It's time to rise up against the soldiers. Hotephres will fight with you.
  • Man: Hotephres? He abandoned us long ago! His father was a good man. He gave his son an Egyptian name. We loved him for that. But he could not give him an Egyptian heart.
    Hotephres means 'satisfied' in our tongue, but he never was. He soon left us to the hyenas and crocodiles...
  • Bayek: Yet crocodiles may still be defeated. The Captain is no more. Rise, seni. Spread the word.
  • Man: You defeated the Captain? Wow, you are a madman! Okay, if you are willing to do this, I will join you. I will spread the word, seni.

Bayek returned to Hotephres at his farm.

  • Hotephres: I did not know things were this bad. I mean, I knew there was trouble, just... not like this. This is my fault. I did not want the responsibility here in Faiyum. The inheritance was forced on me. I wanted to stay on my ship, the adventure... Now I realize... giving up is a choice... and I am still alive.

They overheard a group of soldiers approaching the courtyard.

  • Greek soldier: They must be in the villa. Take the back! You, come with me.
  • Hotephres: Soldiers!
  • Greek soldier: Where are you, malakia? Come down. We need a talk.
  • Hotephres: Looks like the choice has been made for me. Come brother. Let us talk to them... with our swords!
  • Bayek: I've got your back!
    And it's good to have you back, brother!

Bayek and Hotephres fought the invading soldiers at the courtyard.

  • Hotephres: Rush in and die, you dogs!
  • Greek soldier 1: He's got a sword! Take him!
  • Greek soldier 2: Your mistake, old man!

Bayek and Hotepres eliminated the soldiers. Khenut joined them on the yard.

  • Bayek: You fight well for someone retired.
  • Hotephres: Ha! I am not old yet, Siwan.
  • Khenut: I can see that.
  • Bayek: But it will not be enough. The soldiers will come in greater numbers now.
  • Hotephres: I inherited more than a strong sword arm. I will hire a private army if I need to!
  • Khenut: I might have a better idea. Bayek, could you accompany me on a short journey?
  • Bayek: I am ready. Let's go.

Bayek followed Khenut.

  • Khenut: You two make a good team. Hotephres has lost none of his fire.
  • Bayek: You sound proud of him.
  • Khenut: It is nice to have back the man I married.

They mounted up, Khenut leading the way.

  • Bayek: Where are we going?
  • Khenut: There is a rebel camp nearby. It is east of here, by Fort Boubastos. We are going to meet with them.
  • Bayek: Rebels? Will dealing with them not earn the wrath of Alexandria?
  • Khenut: Alexandria is no stranger to intrigue, Medjay. Favors are sometimes traded for information or protection. Such alliances are necessary, if not officially acknowledged.

They reached a cliff.

  • Khenut: This way. Their camp is just up ahead.

They dismounted and made their way towards the camp.

  • Bayek: We should be cautious. Rebels are not known for their hospitality.
  • Khenut: I sent word. They are expecting us.

They reached the campfire, where a handful of rebels were waiting.

  • Khenut: I am Khenut. I sent word from Philadelphia that we were coming. We need your help.
  • Rebel: You wasted your time. Sorry, we cannot help you.
  • Khenut: We are not asking for charity. We can offer food, supplies and information. All we require in return is protection for our people.
  • Rebel: I said we cannot help. Soldiers captured our leader down at the dam.
  • Khenut: Then perhaps we can help you. This is Bayek of Siwa—
  • Rebel: You are Bayek of Siwa? We were told what you did at the Arena. Beating the Gallic brothers like a madman!
  • Bayek: And I suppose today I play the madman again.

Bayek headed down the cliff to the dam, where the rebel leader was held captive. He eliminated the soldiers and freed the man.

  • Bayek: Go! Now!
  • Rebel leader: Thank you. Who are you to attack soldiers so openly? Don't you fear waking Greece?
  • Bayek: I am Bayek of Siwa. And I am more afraid of Egypt sleeping.
  • Rebel leader: The Crazy Siwan... My men spoke of you! Fighting in the Arena single-handed like a madman! Nek! The Ptolemy dogs have no chance if you're on our side.
  • Bayek: And I will need you on my side when it matters.
  • Rebel leader: Right, let us continue. We should move.

They left the dam and reached a safe point.

  • Bayek: The way back from here is clear. Before you go, I need a favor.
    Khenut is waiting at your camp. She will ask for your help to protect her people.
  • Rebel leader: I owe you my life. You have my word it will be done.
  • Bayek: Could you also tell her I go to Fort Boubastos. I have business with the Commander there.
  • Rebel leader: Alone against a fortified garrison? Are you crazy?
  • Bayek: Perhaps. I am Bayek of Siwa.

The rebel leader returned to the camp. Bayek continued to the fort. As he arrived, he heard the sound of horns.

  • Bayek: Horns. Voices. Someone else is attacking the fort. It seems all of Faiyum has turned against the commander.

A large number of rebels arrived to help Bayek attack the fort. Bayek made use of the opportunity to eliminate the Commander.

  • Bayek: That is the end of his corruption. I should meet the others.

Bayek met with Hotephres and Khenut on a cliff outside the fort.

  • Bayek: It is done.
  • Hotephres: You had help. The farmers staged a protest to distract the soldiers. They were fearless!
    The rebels also did their part. You've inspired them, Bayek. In truth, they are in awe of you. Our farms will be well protected. They love their crazy Siwan.
  • Bayek: They will not let another Crocodile plague the Faiyum again. Your people are free now. It is a good start
    Hotephres. It is time to live up to your name.
  • Hotephres: And my duty as a husband.

Hotephres and Khenut embraced.

  • Khenut: Shadya liked you immediately, you know. You always have a home here, if you need it.


Bayek inspired the farmers of Faiyum to stand up against the Ptolemies. Collaborating with them and the rebels, Bayek infiltrated and assassinated the corrupt Commander in Fort Boubastos, freeing the region from the regime he embodied.


  • The reward for this memory includes Shadya's Doll, concluding her part in the story.


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