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Fighting Fair was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


One of the knights we killed was carrying a note that said a friend of Montferrat's, a famous knight, would be arriving in the city to serve as Montferrat's bodyguard.

If even half of the stories about this knight are true, he could prove a deadly obstacle to Altaïr. We must catch him unaware before he reaches his charge, and destroy him.

The note mentions that he will be arriving by ship, so we will set our ambush at the city docks.


The Levantine Assassins met at Acre's port.

  • Levantine Assassin 1: Montferrat's champion will be arriving at the docks soon.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: Then let us greet him, shall we?

The Levantine Assassins made their way through the port, eliminating the Crusaders and Templars stationed there, and eventually reached Isembart on the dock itself.

  • Isembart: Ahh, I see there are more of you scurrying about than Sir William expected. Enough you think to stop me? Haha.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: So you are Montferrat's cudgel. I think you will find us tougher game than you are used to.
  • Isembart: I do hope so, little viper! It has been some time since I've had a good fight! Come then! One or all, it matters not!

Isembart engaged the Levantine Assassins in combat, but was fatally wounded.

  • Isembart: hngh... Well struck. Though it will do you no good.
  • Levantine Assassin 2: What meaning have you?
  • Isembart: Montferrat knows you are coming. Your friend is walking into an ambush, ha! urgh... I was simply an assurance.

Isembart collapsed dead on the dock.

  • Levantine Assassin 2: We must hurry to break this ambush! Altaïr is in danger!

The Levantine Assassins rushed off to prevent Altaïr from walking into a trap.


The Levantine Assassins eliminated the knight Isembart before he could rendezvous with William, but before he died, he revealed that William knew Altaïr was coming and had prepared an ambush.


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