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ACO Lady of Slaughter - Festival

Arena for the fight between "Sekhmet" and "Isfet"

The Festival of Sekhmet was a celebration in honor of the lion-goddess Sekhmet that took place yearly in Yamu, Egypt, during the 1st century BCE. It featured a celebration with a reenactment of Sekhmet's fight, and subsequent victory, over Isfet, a story invented by the High Priest of the temple.

In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa participated in the celebration by playing out the part of the Champion of Sekhmet in the fight, instead of Pamu, who had had too much to drink earlier. He defeated the man playing the Champion of Isfet, and received the outfit and weapon as a reward for his participation.[1]

During that year, the Festival drew in tourists in such numbers that the area ran out of cat mummies meant as offerings. This led to one merchant, Baqet, attempting to sell fakes. He was found out, though, as his fakes angered the tourists, and Bayek had to resolve the issue.[2]

Bayek also ended up helping Klaudios, an Alexandrian man who had come to Yamu for the festival, but ended up in trouble with an Egyptian woman, Ebio, instead.[3]



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