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Bayek found and recovered the treasure.
Bayek found and recovered the treasure.
*''[[Assassin's Creed: Origins]]''
*''[[Assassin's Creed: Origins]]''

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Fertile Land was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek found the riddle for this Papyrus Puzzle inside Hypostyle Hall, the large chamber in the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu, on the second level on a table near the eastern wall.


A few hundred meters north west of the Temple of Sekhmet, which resides by Lake Mareotis, there is a great place to go for a date. Full of palm trees and surrounded by desert, one rock fence was built and closed off with no exit. Find me there.


Bayek found and recovered the treasure.


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