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ACOD Hideaway - Bayek Finding Fenuku

Bayek finding Fenuku

Fenuku was a villager of Siwa, Egypt in the 1st century BCE. He lived with his elder brother, mother, and father.


In 48 BCE, Fenuku was still a child living in Siwa, Egypt when his brother, Chenzira, brought him along to visit a hyena den by the Mountain of the Dead, the village's tomb. The two became separated when the hyenas returned, forcing them to flee—Fenuku towards the other entrance of the tomb and Chenzira inside the tomb itself. Fortunately for them, their Medjay, Bayek, chanced upon Fenuku outside the tomb and was informed of Chenzira's predicament. As instructed, Fenuku ran home to his parents while Bayek successfully found Chenzira and escorted him back not too long after.[1]



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