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Femme Fatale was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


After Ezio Auditore reached Caterina Sforza's cell, he learned that the only key was in the possession of Lucrezia Borgia. Making his way to her quarters at the top of the Castel Sant'Angelo, Ezio witnessed Lucrezia with her lover, a man named Pietro Rossi.


Ezio talking with Caterina

Ezio and Caterina conversed.

  • Caterina: Ezio, what are you doing here?
  • Ezio: Paying a visit to the tailor.
  • Caterina: Rescuing me will provoke Cesare's wrath.
  • Ezio: Fortunately for us, he is away. Any chance there is a second key?
  • Caterina: The guard handed his to Lucrezia, so I assume not.
  • Ezio: Do you know where she is?
  • Caterina: Her quarters are at the top of the Castello.
  • Ezio: All right, stay here. That key is as good as mine.
  • Caterina: I am not going anywhere.

Ezio snuck to the courtyard on the upper floor. There, he overheard Lucrezia talking with a man.

  • Pietro: I love you so, I want to sing it to the heavens.
  • Lucrezia: Please! You must whisper it only to yourself. If Cesare found out, who knows what he would do.
  • Pietro: Are you not newly widowed?
  • Lucrezia: He killed my husband.
  • Pietro: Oh.
  • Lucrezia: Cesare has always been jealous of my attentions, but that should not deter us.
  • Pietro: No?
  • Lucrezia: I will keep our secret.

Lucrezia and Pietro

  • Pietro: Lucrezia. Your lips call to me.

Lucrezia and Pietro kissed each other, and Ezio took this opportunity to get closer. He began to scale the nearby wall but in doing so, he disturbed some birds.

  • Lucrezia: What was that?

Panicked, Pietro made to leave.

  • Pietro: I am late for rehearsal. Farewell, my love.

Pietro left the courtyard, and a guard approached Lucrezia.

  • Guard I heard the entire exchange, mia Signora (My Lady), and can vouch for it.
  • Lucrezia: Good. Tell Cesare. We shall see how it feels when the shoe is on the other foot.
  • Guard: Yes, Signora (My Lady).

The guard left the courtyard and Lucrezia was left alone. Lucrezia stood in the courtyard, repeating the words "He loves me. He loves me not", as she plucked petals from a flower. Ezio then dropped down into the courtyard and walked towards her.

  • Ezio: Please. Continue. I did not mean to interrupt.
  • Lucrezia: Ezio Auditore da Firenze? How nice to finally meet after hearing so much. A pity Cesare is no longer here. He would have enjoyed this.
  • Ezio: My fight is not with you, Lucrezia. Free Caterina and I will stand down.
  • Lucrezia: Impossible.

Ezio confronting Lucrezia

  • Ezio: Then you leave me no choice.

Ezio walked towards Lucrezia as she backed off.

  • Lucrezia: Guards!

Guards ran into the courtyard to protect Lucrezia, but Ezio defeated them all.

  • Ezio: I cannot leave you out here to cause trouble, so you're coming with me. Scream, however, and I will be forced to take your tongue.

Ezio swiftly picked up Lucrezia, held his Hidden Blade to her throat and started to walk her back to the prison.

  • Lucrezia: Rescuing princesses from castles now? I bet you think you're doing great things, charging around killing whomever you wish. Do you know what became of the Pazzi once your hunt was finished? Your dear friend Lorenzo stripped them of everything and threw them into prison. Even those who played no part in the conspiracy. The women were forbidden to marry and the family tombstones were erased. Wiped from the history books. Poof. Just like that. You ignored the consequences of your actions, content to set events into motion but unwilling to see them through. Cesare will finish what he started and bring peace to Italia. He kills for a higher purpose, unlike you!
  • Ezio: The ignorant make easy targets.
  • Lucrezia: Whatever. My words are wasted here, ipocrita (hypocrite).


Ezio brought Lucrezia back to the prison, defeating any guards that attacked him along the way.


  • The name "femme fatale" is a reference to a woman who is known for charming men, often leading them into trouble, often proving lethal.
  • Viewing Pietro with Eagle Vision showed his body glowing blue, indicating that he was an ally to Ezio.


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