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Felix Martialis was an elderly Roman resident of Krokodilopolis, who owned the Krokodilopolis Arena during the 1st century BCE.


In 49 BCE, Felix encountered Kensa, a woman from Siwa who had fled to the city after being captured by Lucius Septimius. Felix took Kensa in and trained her to become a gladiator.[1]

A year later in 48 BCE, Felix encountered the Medjay Bayek, who wished to gain entry into the arena. Felix initially turned Bayek away, but was then persuaded by Kensa to let Bayek try, ending with them fighting the Gallic brothers Diovicos and Viridovix.[1] After Bayek's victory, Felix told him he should also attend the arena in Cyrene.[2]


  • Felix has a habit of spitting, even when praising his gladiators.
  • Felix comes from Latin, meaning 'lucky, prosperous'. Martialis is a name derived from the Roman god of war, Mars.



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