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Federico Perez

Father Federico Perez was a preacher of Spanish descent and a member of the Templar Order. He was born in Florida during the 18th century, and possessed an obsessive and compulsive need to cleanse the land of any Assassins, whom he deemed as "sinners."

Due to his unwavering faith in blindly following the Templar cause, Perez would deal out death as quickly as forgiveness, and he never faltered when it came to hanging the Assassins, who he deemed to be heretics. His blind faith was admired by the Templars, as they had complete control over him.

In 2012, his genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the entertainment branch of the Templar company Abstergo Industries, to influence the general public via the Animus games console, under the title of the Preacher.




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