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Fear bombs were halluncinogenic bombs developed by the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins that were specially designed to induce immense terror to those exposed to them. After the British Assassin twins Evie and Jacob Frye spent time training with the Indian Brotherhood, they adopted the weapons into the arsenal of the British Brotherhood, where they were favored for their ability to frighten off enemies from conflict as a means of mitigating unnecessary casualties.


Upon detonation, fear bombs emitted a horrifying, demonic scream, the spontaneity of which alone could be enough to shock its targets into recoiling. However, the chief means by which the fear bombs evoked terror stemmed from the noxious cloud produced by the hallucinogenic powder within. The chemicals released in the explosion induced intense, phobic hallucinations to those caught within its blast radius. So potent was the gaseous agent that even the strongest of enemies would break ranks and flee in fright.

The more stout-hearted of foes such as Brutes could often resist the full effects of the bombs, only experiencing fierce pangs of anxiety, but their resistance could be overwhelmed by increasing the dosage using additional bombs.


Although not the least bit discreet nor the most compatible with the Assassins' preference for stealth, the fear bombs did function to reinforce a different principle: that of refraining from death and violence as much as possible. By scaring away belligerents, the Assassin could lessen the number of casualties, if maintaining an incognito status was less important during a mission.

Nevertheless, fear bombs were not fundamentally pacifistic tools; the traumatic horror they could induce complemented the sadism of the rogue Assassin and serial killer Jack the Ripper well. Rather than frightening away targets to reduce conflict, the tools were instead favored as instruments of terror to fuel the Ripper's glee at extracting pain and suffering.


Invented by the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins, fear bombs were employed by this guild during the 19th century. They were one of the many tools developed to facilitate the Indian Assassins' strategy of intimidation to ameliorate conflict. Following the marriage of the British Assassin Evie Frye to Jayadeep Mir, an Indian Assassin who had served as a Mentor of the British Brotherhood, Evie's twin brother, Jacob, visited India around 1873, bringing with him an initiate they called "Jack the Lad". There, they learned the fear tactics of the Indian Brotherhood which were subsequently imported back to the British Brotherhood.

When Jack turned rogue and became a serial killer, fear bombs became a regular part of his arsenal as they fit perfectly with the "Autumn of Terror" he inaugurated over London in 1888. That year, when Evie returned from India to stop Jack's spree of murders, she too utilized fear bombs liberally throughout her mission.[1]

By 1916, however, the use of fear bombs by the British Assassins had been apparently discontinued. [2]



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