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ACU Fauchard


A fauchard is a European pole weapon derived from a scythe that is characterized by a single-edged blade mounted atop a long shaft.


The fauchard is a type of polearm that combined the merits of a spear and a scythe in one. In this sense, it is analogous to the Crescent Glaive or swordstaff that is the product of a sword extended to have the range of a spear.[1] Though an offspring of the war scythe, its moderately curved blade is set upright, with the keen edge as the convex side rather than the concave side.[2] Fauchards tend to possess a small prong on the rear side, and the hooks borne on fauchards of the French Revolution projected upwards. These fauchards were not exceptional weapons and were inferior to most contemporary polearms.[1]


Fauchards were prevalent in Paris during the French Revolution. In late 2014, a Initiate reliving the memories of the French Assassin Arno Dorian via the Helix Navigator obtained a virtual fauchard from his sessions freeing fellow Initiates trapped in unfinished servers.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers Availability
* * 2 2 3 4 N/A Additional Damage: +25% Collect Helix Rift artifacts
This polearm combines the benefits of a spear and a scythe.


  • In French, the fauchard is also known as the faux de guerre, meaning "war scythe".
  • The bisento, a Japanese glaive of similar design, is also a weapon found in Unity, but its appearance in the game seems to be based off of the fauchard of Cardinal Scipione Borgehese's bodyguard. As a result, the bisento in the game may also actually be a fauchard, not a bisento.[3]



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