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Fast Travel Booth ACII

A travel booth outside Monteriggioni

Fast travel booths were a means of travel during the Renaissance, of which the Assassin Ezio Auditore could travel to different regions in Italy, each with their own list of districts where booths were able to transport him, at the cost of a small fee.

Despite the Animus' database entry on the commodity claiming that the people who were in charge of planning these trips often sold out their clients to brigands, Ezio did not encounter any resistance when he traveled, aside from a group of guards sent by Rodrigo Borgia during one memory.

Travel locations

The price to travel from one place to another was dependent on the proximity of Ezio's current location and his destination.

  • Tuscany - San Gimignano
    • San Gimignano - North East Gate
    • San Gimignano - North Gate
    • San Gimignano - South Gate


Location and Price Tuscany Florence Romagna Venice Monteriggioni
Tuscany 100 200 300 100
Florence 100 150 200 100
Romagna 200 150 100 100
Venice 300 200 100 100
Monteriggioni 100 100 100 100


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