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Faravid was a Viking who served as a trusted lieutenant and war chief of Halfdan Ragnarsson during the 9th century. He was also the reincarnation of the Isu Sif.[1]


A skilled Viking commander in his own right, Faravid swore allegiance to Halfan and joined him in his voyage across the North Sea to England in the first stages of the Viking expansion. With his lord being a son of the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok, Faravid was always overshadowed by his brash leader, though he was willing to patiently wait until such time came make his own name known.[2]

By the 870s, Faravid served as the war chief of Jorvik as part of the council alongside King Ricsige of Northumbria, Audun and Hjorr Halfsson.[3]

Following Halfdan's coronation as King of Northumbria, Faravid was accused of treason after Halfdan appeared to suffer from lead poisoning, stemming from the goblet he gifted had giften to Halfdan from Stenwege Camp. Faravid was then deposed and removed for his actions.[4]

Behind the scenes

Faravid is a character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. He is voiced by Norwegian actor Kåre Conradi, who also voiced King Styrbjorn Sigvaldisson in the game.

It is never explicitly stated if Faravid betrayed Halfdan or not, but there are some hints during the storyline towards a betrayal. Halfdan's scout being killed by friendly fire,[5] Faravid killing the Pict leader quickly before he could answer Eivor's questions,[6] and Faravid refusing the goblet Eivor offered him after Halfdan threw it away.[4]

Faravid's fate is decided by whether Eivor choose to stand by his side or Halfdan's. If Eivor sides with Faravid, Faravid would be exiled from Jorvik, with Eivor asking him if he knew the cup was made of lead. Faravid doesn't answer the question, and departs the city, remaining on good terms with Eivor.[4]

If Eivor choose to side with Halfdan, this leads to Faravid's confrontation against and defeat by Eivor, before his execution by Halfdan himself.[4]



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