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Far From the Tree was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


After Ezio Auditore was stabbed by Checco Orsi, the Apple was stolen from him by a mysterious monk with a missing finger. He then traveled to an abbey in the wetlands to see if he could find out who had stolen the Piece of Eden.


From the tree 2

O'Callahan informing about the abbey

Ezio began to search the abbey for the black robed monk, but instead found Darby O'Callahan being attacked by guards, to which Ezio helped Darby fight off his attackers.

  • Darby: Blessings on you, brother.
  • Ezio: Grazie. (Thank you.) I wonder if you can help me?
  • Darby: What do you seek?
  • Ezio: A monk in black robes who lacks one of his ten fingers.
  • Darby: Well... Brother Guido has only nine toes. Are you sure it wasn't a toe?
  • Ezio: Quite sure.
  • Darby: And then there's brother Domenico, but it's his entire left arm he's lacking.
  • Ezio: Again, quite sure it was a finger.
  • Darby: Hmm... Now wait a moment, I do recall a black robed monk with nine fingers. Yes of course, when we had our last San Vincenzo's feast at the abbey.
  • Ezio: Yes, I know the place. I'll try there. Grazie.
  • Darby: Go in peace, brother.
  • Ezio: I always do.
From the tree 3

Ezio's intrusion scaring the abbot

Ezio reached the Abbey of San Mercuriale and approached a group of monks and the abbot.

  • Ezio: Excuse me, brother. I wonder if you can—
  • Abbot: Unholy demon! Get away!
  • Ezio: What's wrong?
  • Abbot: You're the one who killed Brother Stefano! Brothers! The killer of the monks has returned!

The abbot and the rest of the monks fled, which prompted Ezio to chase and catch the abbot.

  • Abbot: Please, no! I don't want to die!
  • Ezio: I only kill those who kill others, and your Brother Stefano was a killer. I'm sure you are no such thing. Now, listen to me. I'm looking for a black robed monk who's missing a finger.
  • Abbot: Missing a finger you say? Do you mean... like Fra' Savonarola?
From the tree 4

Ezio interrogating the abbot

  • Ezio: Savonarola?! Who is this? You know him?
  • Abbot: I did... He was one of us. For a time.
  • Ezio: And then?
  • Abbot: We suggested he retire to a hermitage for a good long time.
  • Ezio: I'm afraid to say his retreat has come to an end. Where would he have gone?
  • Abbot: Oh dear... Santo Spirito, in Firenze. It's where he studied. Perhaps it's where he would return.
  • Ezio: I thank you. Go with God, brother.


Ezio learned that the monk who stole the Apple was Girolamo Savonarola, the man who would later become the tyrannical leader of Florence, during the Bonfire of the Vanities.


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