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This article is about the genetic memory of Bayek.. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Jack the Ripper.

Family Reunion was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relieved by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A letter from a Siwan woman explains that her husband Teremun and a group of local farmers have been arrested for protesting onerous tax increases. She asks for her husband to be freed along with all the other farmers.

ACOD Family Reunion - Cage

Bayek finding the cage containing the villagers


Bayek read a letter on Hepzefa's table from a woman in town, Issa.

  • Bayek: Teremun. Not like him to give up.

Bayek made his way to the other side of the Temple of Amun, and found the cage holding the farmers and Teremun.

  • Farmers: That's Bayek! He will save us!

After killing the guard, Bayek opened the door and allowed the farmers to escape.

  • Bayek: Quickly, go!

Teremun didn't flee with the others, though.

  • Bayek: Where is Teremun? Ah! Dear Amun, he has died from his wounds.

Bayek lifted Teremun's body.

  • Bayek: His family will want to bury him properly.

Arriving at Teremun's farm, Bayek found it freshly burned to the ground.

  • Bayek: What have they done to Teremun's farm?

He dismounted and brought the body of Teremun to a man on the site.

  • Bayek: I bring sad news. Where is Issa?
  • Man: She lies here... with her son and daughter.
  • Bayek: The entire family?
  • Man: Sadly. I see Teremun also paid the price for his recklessness. I warned him that his rebelliousness would bring torment and suffering.
  • Bayek: But what happened?
  • Man: They saw the soldiers coming and hid in the cellar. But the soldiers burnt the house to the ground to teach everyone a lesson.
  • Bayek: I am sorry.

The man gestured towards a tent.

  • Man: Put the body down there. They will journey to the Duat together. So many deaths in the (oasis). We cannot give them a proper burial.

Bayek spoke to Teremun as he carried him.

  • Bayek: It is not your rebelliousness that got you killed seni. It is Ptolemy's sick regime. He is a bad pharaoh.

He laid the body down beside three others.

  • Bayek: Find peace, Teremun.
  • Man: He will find more than he had here.


Though the farmers were freed, Teremun had already died. Bayek brought him back to his home to lay him to rest with his slain family.



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