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Family Heirloom was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio reached his home and found the chest as requested by his father. Taking everything inside, Ezio hurried over to Uberto Alberti's house to deliver the documents that would free Giovanni, Federico and Petruccio.


Ezio walked into his father's office and used his talent to find the hidden door.

  • Ezio: Father said there was a door here...

He used his Eagle Vision to find the hidden door in the fireplace, to which he pressed a switch and entered into a secret room. Ezio found the chest Giovanni had mentioned, and he opened it to find the documents. Along with the documents, Ezio also found a broken bracer, a common sword, an old piece of parchment, and a white robe. He put the robes on, sheathed the sword, and took the bracer and the parchment along with the documents, which he held in his hand.

  • Ezio: I need to bring this to Messer Uberto.
Family Heirloom 1

Ezio donning his father's Assassin robes

As Ezio left his home to speak with Uberto Alberti, two guards confronted him at his door.

  • Guard: Traditore. (Traitor.)
  • Ezio: Hey! What's with the swords? Aren't you supposed to arrest me?
  • Guard: No.
  • Ezio: What do you want, then?
  • Guard: For you to die.
  • Ezio: Well, that's not going to happen. So why don't we explore other options?
  • Guard: There are no other options.

Ezio defeated the guards in combat and reached Uberto's house.

  • Uberto: Ezio Auditore? What are you doing here at this hour?

Ezio gasped from racing to the man's house.

  • Ezio: It... I don't...
  • Uberto: Wait, child. Take a breath. Collect your thoughts.

Ezio regained his breath.

  • Ezio: My father and brothers have been imprisoned. I was told to bring you this.

Ezio handed Uberto the documents he found in his fathers chest.

Heirloom 5 v

Ezio meeting with Uberto

  • Uberto: Ahh. I see now. It's a misunderstanding Ezio. I'll clear everything up.
  • Ezio: How?

A hooded man walked past Uberto inside his home.

  • Uberto: The documents you've given me contains evidence of a conspiracy against your family and against the city. I'll present these papers at the hearing in the morning and they'll be released.
  • Ezio: Thank you, signore.
  • Uberto: Of course my child. Do you need a place to stay? You're more than welcome here.
  • Ezio: No grazie. (No thank you.) I'll meet you at the piazza.
  • Uberto: Don't worry Ezio. Everything is going to be fine.


Ezio found and delivered the documents to the Gonfaloniere, which were required to free his father and brothers. He also wore his father's Assassin robes, not knowing what they were.



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