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Fajera was a Romani woman that assumed the profession of a circus dancer in Damascus. She prided herself in her apparent expertise in divination, which she achieved via tarot cards.


As a fortune-teller, Fajera was able to foresee that an Assassin by the name of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad would approach her for information regarding the keys to the fabled Temple of Sand, where the Chalice was held. As such, the circus dancer, who indeed possessed one of the three keys to the Temple, developed a concrete plan in preparation to aid the Assassin.

In 1190, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, as predicted, arrived at the circus on Market Street to confront Fajera, having been directed by the merchant Tamir. Recognizing the Assassin immediately, Fajera feigned opposition, taunting Altaïr that his efforts would prove fruitless. When Altaïr objected, she admonished that not all woman are easily intimidated before summoning her friend, Badr, an enormous brute.

Citing harassment by Altaïr, Fajera thus enlisted her friend's protection. With the Assassin preoccupied with Badr, she slipped out of the circus tent and waited nearby for the conclusion of the imminent duel. Though Altaïr was diminutive in comparison to her giant of a friend, the Assassin nevertheless secured victory with his superior agility. Fajera watched as the circus tent collapsed on Badr before fleeing the area, with the Assassin in hot pursuit.

As they freeran across the district, Fajera was able to maintain a considerable distance from her pursuer, aided in part by the riotous civilians that impeded Altaïr's progress. Soon enough, they arrived at a river that cut across the city. The dancer traversed this stream via a fragile bridge which collapsed under her rapid footsteps. With the bridge destroyed, she accordingly taunted the Assassin from the other side of the river, again insisting in the futility of his efforts. Passing through a guarded checkpoint, she waited by a well in anticipation of Altaïr's arrival. Sure enough, the Assassin utilized his grappling hook to swing across the river before easily bypassing the checkpoint from the rooftops.

Convinced that he had cornered Fajera at last, Altaïr was corrected when the dancer gladly explained that she had merely been testing the Assassin's skills and tenacity. Deeming him deserving of her assistance, she delivered her key to him, and when he expressed surprise that she knew of his mission before he had mentioned it, she cited her skills in divination. In return for her help, however, she requested that he kill a man named Alaat for her, who at that moment was located in the baths of Upper Street in the Noble District.

Altaïr concurred, and in gratitude, Fajera advised him to later seek an old man at the Tyre Hospital that had visited the Temple of Sand. She then escorted Altaïr into the Noble District, allowing him to pass undetected by the guards, before directing him towards the sewerage which would allow him to access the bathhouse from underground.

While Altaïr navigated through the sewers, Fajera waited on Upper Street near the bathhouse. When the Assassin assassinated Alaat, he re-contacted Fajera, who excitedly acknowledged his success and the accuracy of her divination cards. Reminding Altaïr that his next objective was to locate the old man at the Tyre Hospital, she bid him good luck, and they parted ways.


  • Fajera can be left behind towards the end of her encounter with Altaïr. If the grappling hook is used to cross the river before triggering the dialogue sequence of Fajera's crossing, she will be stuck at the gate until Altaïr prepares to enter the sewers.