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A faction building in Rome

Faction buildings were buildings owned by one of three factions located throughout Rome and Constantinople during the Renaissance. They were renovated by the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze during his time in these cities.

Each faction building in Rome belonged to either the courtesan, mercenaries, or thieves. Ezio could renovate a faction building for 1,200 florins, after which the members of the faction he assigned it to could be found outside. They would then assist Ezio after having received a payment. The faction buildings also generated income for Ezio, which could be collected from banks.

Ezio could reassign a building to another faction if he desired, although he had to pay 900 florins to do so.[1]

In Constantinople, Ezio could renovate the faction buildings for the thieves, mercenaries or Romani. These faction buildings also provided a stream of income to Ezio, working in the same manner as in Rome.[2]


  • If attempting to complete the Guild Challenges, one can keep changing a building's faction, which will always make a new group of the corresponding faction appear, speeding up the process of finding enough groups to hire.
  • There were three faction buildings in each district of Rome (except the Vatican), with the overall number being nine.