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Fabrizio Colonna (c. 1455 – 1520) was an Italian condottiero and a member of the powerful Colonna family. He was the son of Edoardo Colonna and Filippa Conti.

In 1500, Fabrizio and his cousin Prospero Colonna were captured by Cesare Borgia. While they were being transferred from one prison to the next, they were rescued by Ezio Auditore da Firenze and the three of them fought through a battalion of guards. After having won the fight, the Colonna cousins promised to continue their fight against the Borgia.


  • Fabrizio and Prospero both have the model of generic mercenaries.
  • Historically, Fabrizio was married to Agnese da Montefeltro, daughter of the famed condottiero Federico da Montefeltro.
  • Fabrizio is the main speaker in Niccolò Machiavelli's book The Art of War, in which he was also praised for his military strategy and tactics.



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