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The Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze wore several sets of robes throughout his life, of which three were fully customizable (adding armor, dyeing the robes, and equipping different capes) along with more special sets of robes that each came with near-unbreakable armor, though they could not be customized.

Giovanni's robes


Ezio wearing Giovanni's robes

Ezio inherited the Assassin robes of his father, Giovanni Auditore da Firenze, following his arrest. These robes were symbolic for the Assassin Order, with its beaked hood and the faded white cloth.[1]

The standard robes were worn over Ezio's normal clothing. The upper body featured a hood with the center shaped to resemble an eagle's beak, which was connected to the robes, with the torso bearing an open collar.[1]

The lower part of the robes were doubly layered, with the back of the robes trailing down to be longer than the front. Around the waist was a long red sash with pouches attached to a belt, holding smoke bombs, bullets, poison and medicine vials. The belt also held together an ornate Assassin insignia, with scabbards holding throwing knives flanking it. The robes featured a leather spaulder where a cape was attached, draped over and around Ezio's left arm and shoulder.[1]


The robes could be dyed with any color that a tailor had to offer. Armor could also be added, and any combination of leather, Helmschmied, metal and Missaglias armor pieces. However, for purely stylistic choices, any combination of armor pieces may have been used together.[1]

Ezio had a choice to wear one of four capes with the robes; the standard cape, the Medici cape, the Venetian cape and the Auditore cape, though the standard cape was the only one that Ezio was able to dye, while the others granted him certain privileges or notoriety.[1]

Roman robes


Ezio wearing his Roman robes

After the siege of Monteriggioni, Ezio was given a new set of robes, provided by Niccolò Machiavelli, which looked strikingly similar to both his father's robes, and the robes of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad.[2]

Ezio's Roman robes showed similarities between Giovanni and Altaïr's robes in its design, as they had a long, layered lower section, although they maintained the open collared torso similar to Giovanni's robes, and included a closed collar beneath. The hood shape from the previous robes had been kept as well, along with the wide, red sash displaying the Assassin's insignia and the function of carrying Ezio's throwing knives. The robes also continued to feature the cape over Ezio's left arm and shoulder with a leather spaulder.[2]


The customization system had been improved, with the opportunity to dye the cape separately to the main body of the robe, allowing for many color combinations. Most of the previous dye colors had returned, although some of them had been renamed, along with a new batch of Roman-based colors.[2]

Again, the armor system allowed for further customization with four armor sets: the Roman, Rondelle, Plate, and Seusenhofer armors (with similar strengths to Leather, Helmschmied, Metal, and Missaglias respectively), which could all be used in any combination. The Auditore, Medici, and Venetian capes also returned, with the addition of the Borgia cape, though the standard cape was the only one which could be dyed.[2]

Pilgrimage robes


Ezio wearing his Pilgrimage robes

By 1511, Ezio had once again changed his outward appearance, having a set of robes designed for traveling to Masyaf. Unlike his previous outfits, they were largely gray in color, rather than the usual Assassin white, and had a gray-white fur padding on the left shoulder and under both bracers, as opposed to the leather his previous outfits had. Ezio chose to wear a dark blue scarf around his neck to protect himself from the extreme weather.[3]

After being ambushed by a large group of Byzantine Templars upon arriving at Masyaf, Ezio removed his cape before combating his attackers, and he did not replace it afterwards.[3]

The robes also bore the Constantinople Assassin insignia and a small, adorned buckle in a shape of diamond, which connected the belts which crossed over his chest. There was also an upside-down Assassin insignia on the tip of the hood. Additionally, small patterns appear to be imprinted on the grey fabric of the robes.[3]


The robes could once again be dyed with any color that a tailor had to offer, with color combinations designed to fit the Turkish setting. New armor sets were also available at the blacksmith shops, being the Azap, Mamluk and Sepahi sets.[3]

As Ezio had lost his cape during his skirmish with the Byzantine Templars in Masyaf, he was not able to dye it at the tailors in Constantinople, as opposed to the tailors in the Italian cities before.[3]

Special robes

Statistics (Animus mod)

Name Quality Item Level Level required Item Power Stats Availability
Ezio Auditore's Outfit Perfect 30 1 332 200 Armor Purchase the Legacy Bundle: Ezio Auditore da Firenze in Bundles Shop
Ezio's Revelation Perfect 30 1 332 200 Strength Purchase the Legacy Bundle: Ezio Revelations in Bundles Shop


Assassin's Creed II
  • On the front cover art, Ezio was shown wearing a variation of the pauldrons for the Metal set. However, on the back cover art, he was not wearing any pauldrons other than the one which came with Giovanni's robes.
Assassin's Creed II: Discovery
  • The Assassin Raphael Sánchez first mistook Giovanni's robes to be of Venetian craftsmanship, which Ezio immediately corrected to Florentine.
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
  • There was a hidden method by which Ezio's armor could be removed. If he wore the Armor of Brutus and Desmond Miles returned to Memory Sequence 2, before going to the blacksmith and equipping the spaulders of the Roman set, Ezio would only have the Roman spaulders equipped after exiting the replay of the memory. However, if Ezio went back to the hideout on Tiber Island, he could re-equip any armor set.
    • To fully remove all armor including the spaulders however, one would have to gain all the six Romulus Scrolls, unlock the vault to the Armor of Brutus and right before the cutscene ended at the white screen, pause at that exact moment and then return to Sequence 2, start the mission with Machiavelli and then exit the memory, which would result in all of Ezio's armor being removed and the Armor of Brutus being available to be unlocked in the vault once again at any time.
  • When reliving the third Cristina memory, Ezio wore the Medici cape, despite not having it in his possession, as he had not received it from Lorenzo at the time.
  • While the Auditore Cape would increase Ezio's notoriety in Assassin's Creed II, in Brotherhood it achieved the opposite effect and kept Ezio incognito while he was wearing it.
Assassin's Creed: Revelations
  • Ezio's armor could be removed by having him equip the Armor of Ishak Pasha or the Master Assassin armor and replaying the memory "A Narrow Escape". When Ezio found his confiscated Hidden Blades and put them on, all armor would be removed after exiting the replay.
  • The Mamluk and Sepahi pauldrons had a short cape-like cloth that ended by Ezio's shoulder blade.
  • In promotional artwork and trailers, Ezio was shown with the Levantine Assassins' insignia, instead of the Ottoman Assassins', while the adorned buckle for his left pauldron bore the Italian Assassins' insignia as opposed to the diamond symbol.
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