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The Eye of Apep was a legendary, heavy war club fashioned in the shape of a snake capable of afflicting enemies with poison.


Aptly named, the Eye of Apep was an extravagantly carved, wooden war club with one end fashioned into the shape of a yellow serpent's wrinkly head. As its name suggests, it was designed to invoke the terror of Apep, the monstrous snake who personified chaos in traditional Egyptian religion. Violet, feathery plumes sprout from the top of the snake's head, and beneath its gaping jaw was a large, indigo ball painted with orange bands, one of which circled the ball while the other traveled in an undulating motion beneath it. These bands themselves consisted of red squares separated at regular intervals by aquamarine columns. Wild specks of the same orange paint dotted the sphere, which was so oversized as to appear out-of-place on the staff, bulging outwards as though it were a virulent tumor of the viper itself.

More than just an aesthetic feature, however, the serpentine head and the orb harbored the deadly toxin that made the weapon's motif much more literal. One smack of the club against an enemy's head was enough to dispense the poison which killed its victims by violently rupturing their organs. Extremely contagious and not the least bit subtle, the poison emitted from those afflicted in the form of toxic fumes which would readily infect anyone exposed to them and tended to linger on the corpses.


Alongside its bladed cousin, The Fang, and the shield named Snakes on a Shield, the Eye of Apep was a part of a set of legendary equipment which emulated the venomous powers of a cobra. This set was acquired in Egypt in the mid-1st century BCE by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa who founded the Hidden Ones.

Weapon statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Legendary Adrenaline on Kill II

Critical Hit Damage III

Poison on Hit

Purchase the Desert Cobra Pack DLC.
Though the snake does not bite, you will still feel his sting.


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