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A group of extremists

Extremists, sometimes known as Patriots, were French paramilitaries who lived during the French Revolution, and took profit of the chaotic situation of the nation to pillage and kill throughout Paris.

Many Extremists were also hired and paid by Templars to be their "muscle" in their schemes around France.


French Ancien Régime

The Templars were already using radical soldiers before the outbreak of the French Revolution, probably to maintain the absolutist monarchy in France. They were present at the expulsion of François-Thomas Germain from the Order.

French Revolution

Extremists notably took part in the 10 August insurrection, where thousands of revolutionaries, extremists included, marched upon the Tuileries Palace against King Louis XVI of France, where they clashed and massacred the Swiss Guard.

Many Extremists were encountered by Arno Dorian during his adventures as an Assassin.



Regulars are the most common archetypes for the Extremists, and usually appear in large numbers. They wear simple beige shirts with red waistcoats over them, with brown tricorne hats with red feathers on them and black trousers. They use mostly swords, but also have low-quality pistols on them.

Regulars can be from level 1 to level 4.


Enforcers are similar archetypes to regulars, being also very common and fighting in a similar way. While regulars wear simpler clothes, enforcers wear brown or black long-coats with more intricate tricorne hats with red feathers on them. They have the same equipment as regulars, but fight slightly better.

Enforcers can be from level 1 to level 4.


Main article: Brutes

Brutes are stronger and larger archetypes than regulars and enforcers, and are rarer and usually found leading or protecting them. They wear beige shirts with full red waistcoats over them with grey gloves, red trousers and a red cap. Brutes wield round axes and can use pistols as well, being stronger but slower than regulars and enforcers in combat.

Brutes can be from level 2 to level 5.


Main article: Snipers

Snipers are the ranged archetype of the Extremists, being found usually in rooftops, towers and balconies. They wear simple black and red clothes with a dark-grey cap, with long muskets as their weapon of choice.

Snipers can be either level 2 or level 4.


Defenders are rarer archetypes, and can be found usually in small numbers but always in groups of two to four, guarding the entrance of an area or alone, guarding an area like any other guard. They are easily recognizable due to their black bicorne hats, red fabric covering the back of their heads, leather or metal armor covering their shoulders and chest, dark leather gloves and red trousers and sleeves. Defenders wield halberds and long weapons in combat, and their defense is extremely hard to breach, and when at a distance, they can shoot with their pistols as well.

While they are slower than the other extremist archetypes and are easier to pass by without being detected, Defenders are fierce in combat and will always counter-attack stunning attacks. They can also find a hiding Arno more easily than others.

Defenders can be from level 3 to level 5.


Elites are the most powerful and rarer archetype, being found in usually only one number alongside weaker archetypes. They wear dark grey suits with brown waistcoats and red ties, with top hats with large red feathers on them. Elites wield high-quality swords with powerful pistols as secondary weapons, and their attacks are harder to counter, with evading them being easier. Elites are however, easily killed with heavy attacks and stunned with stunning attacks.

Elites can be from level 3 to level 5.