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Explore the Café Théâtre was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno was given stewardship of the Café Théâtre. He explored the building to discover how to improve it.


After entering the Café Théâtre, Arno was approached by Charlotte Gouze.

  • Gouze: Something I can help you with?
  • Arno: What is this place?
  • Gouze: It connects to the sanctuary. Less flashy than the Sainte-Chapelle entrance, but we own the building. Used to be part of our intelligence network. But the place has fallen on hard times...
  • Arno: How can I help?
Explore the Cafe Theatre 2

Charlotte Gouze telling Arno about the café

  • Gouze: I'll keep an ear out for any opportunities that come up. You might also speak to the intendant about renovating the building itself.
  • Arno: I'm not exactly flushed with coin just now.
  • Gouze: Any revenues the café generates are yours to do with as you see fit. The money is deposited in the chest in the study. And the more improvements you make...
  • Arno: The more revenue.
  • Gouze: Quite. You might also find that expanding our reach into other districts will pay dividends.
  • Arno: (Thanks.)

Arno collected the café's income from the chest. He then went upstairs to the training room, and was met by Augustin Grisier.

Explore the Cafe Theatre 4

Arno meeting Augustin Grisier

  • Grisier: Here for a fight, monsieur?
  • Arno: Come again?
  • Grisier: A training match, that is. An Assassin can never be too well-prepared.
  • Arno: Isn't our mandate to work in the shadows? Stay undetected and all that?
  • Grisier: Call this the fallback option. Better to practice here in safety than pick a fight with ruffians in the streets, no?
  • Arno: Touché.

Arno entered the club hall below the Café, and was met by Hervé Quemar.

  • Quemar: Welcome to the Assassin clubhouse, monsieur.
  • Arno: I assume these quarters aren't open to the public.
  • Quemar: No indeed. This is a private clubhouse for our brother and sister Assassins.
  • Arno: Because belonging to just one secret society is passé?
  • Quemar: Hm. Certain missions are too much for any one Assassin to take on alone. In those instances, many prefer to work with the same team consistently. You develop a sense of each other's strengths and weaknesses, an understanding of what each will do in a crisis. Keeping a club makes it easier to organize such teams.
  • Arno: I suppose that's better than rousting whoever happens to on hand.
  • Quemar: Quite so.

Arno found a vault containing a set of armor.

Explore the Cafe Theatre 6

Quemar telling Arno about Thomas de Carneillon's armor

  • Quemar: Impressive, no?
  • Arno: What is it?
  • Quemar: An heirloom of the Brotherhood. That armor was worn by Thomas de Carneillon.
  • Arno: I have no earthly idea who that is.
  • Quemar: He led the raid that captured Jacques de Molay. Broke the Templars' power in Europe for over a century. It used to be that an Assassin who did a great service for the Brotherhood and for France would be given his armor in thanks. The seal that opens the vault was lost two hundred years ago - it hasn't been opened since.
  • Arno: I can see why calling a locksmith was out of the question. Tell me about this seal.
Explore the Cafe Theatre 7

The armor inside the vault

  • Quemar: It consisted of three rings: one for each of the three doors. But the seal was broken before it was lost - the fragments are no doubt scattered around Paris, with only the vaguest clues as to their whereabouts.
  • Arno: And if someone were to find all of them? Would you say that he had done a great service for the Brotherhood and France?
  • Quemar: I suppose I would, at that.


Arno explored the Café Théâtre, and learned of opportunities to improve it.


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