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The Experto Crede was a brig and former slave ship captained by the Assassin Adéwalé.[1]


Following the loss of his previous ship, the Victoire, and his marooning on Saint-Domingue, Adéwalé managed to seize the Experto Crede. With her, Adéwalé sought to destroy the island's local slave trade, in support of the Maroon rebellion.[1]

After the 1751 Port-au-Prince earthquake, Adéwalé sailed the Experto Crede from Haiti to the Davenport Homestead, where he got supplies for the survivors from the Colonial Assassins.[2]

In 1758, the Experto Crede supported the French in the Siege of Louisbourg and led a swarm of fireships against the Royal Navy. However James Cook's ship, HMS Pembroke, sunk the fireships, forcing the Assassin ship to flee. These actions made Adéwalé a potential target for the Templars. Adéwalé later beached the Experto Crede in Vieille Carrière to save himself and his crew from the attacking Templars. However, he was assassinated by Shay Cormac in the village.[2]



  • The name of the ship is a Latin motto meaning 'believe the expert'.
  • In its appearance in Assassin's Creed: Rogue, the Experto Crede is outfitted with the "Liberty" sails, the "Aries" figurehead and a unique wheel with small skulls carved in along the felloe. It notably has fewer cannons than were available to the fully-upgraded Experto Crede in Freedom Cry.