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Everything Must Go was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Upon deciding that the moment was right, Antonio de Magianis told Ezio Auditore that their greatest opportunity to assassinate Emilio Barbarigo had come.



Ezio at the Venetian Thieves Guild

Ezio arrived at the Thieves Guild, where Antonio, Rosa and Ugo were present.

  • Antonio: Please, enter! Your good work has restored us to our former strength, Ezio. We are ready to strike.
  • Ezio: Just tell me what needs to be done, and I'll see that it is.
  • Antonio: You'll approach from above, under the cover of night. Emilio has posted archers around the Palazzo. Kill them, but do so quietly. As they fall, my men shall replace them.
  • Ezio: What about the guards?
  • Antonio: When you've finished with the archers, we'll regroup in front of this building here, and discuss next steps.
  • Ezio: Nessun problema (Not a problem). I'll take care of the archers and return to you.
  • Antonio: Then it's settled. In bocca al lupo.
  • Ezio: Crepi il lupo!

Ezio killed the archers and met with Antonio, Ugo and Rosa.

  • Ugo: Hurry!
  • Antonio: Well done, Ezio. Everything is going according to plan. As we speak, my men are replacing the archers you removed. The way to the Palazzo is clear now.
  • Ezio: But not the building itself. Emilio's guards still patrol its border.
  • Ugo: Use my men. They can distract the guards; save you from having to fight.
  • Rosa: And when it comes time to storm the place, remember what I've taught you.
  • Antonio: Sii cauto (Take care), Ezio. We await word of your success.

Ezio used Antonio's thieves to lure away the guards, and then climbed the walls of the Palazzo. From the rooftop, he overheard a conversation from within.

  • Carlo Grimaldi: Your little house of cards is crumbling, Emilio.
  • Emilio: A minor setback. It will be dealt with. This povero scemo (poor fool) Antonio and his thieves...
  • Carlo: Never mind them! It's the Assassin you should be worried about!
  • Emilio: Why? Is... is he in Venezia?
  • Carlo: He's been here for weeks! How could you be so blind?!
  • Emilio: Unlike you, I've been busy! Someone had to provide weapons to our brothers in Firenze!

Carlo Grimaldi warning Emilio

  • Carlo: Yes, and we all saw what good that did...
  • Emilio: Enough with the barbs! What is it you want, Carlo?
  • Carlo: Maestro has called a meeting; three days from now at Santo Stefano.
  • Emilio: Very well. I'll be there.
  • Carlo: Assuming you still live. If you want my advice, I'd find a less conspicuous place to wait. Seta is a target now.
  • Emilio: Seta is a fortress!
  • Carlo: If you say so. Goodbye, Emilio.
  • Emilio: Cazzo (Fuck), what if he's right?

Emilio called to a nearby guard.

  • Emilio: You! Call my boat, it should be close. When it arrives, load these crates and prepare to sail. I'll be right back. If Carlo speaks true, I must find a place to hide – just until the meeting. Then we'll deal with the Assassin. He must be working with Antonio. That means the attacks... No! I've worked too hard for this! Don't they understand... There is so much less crime... The people have better lives... So some must leave... It is the price of progress... Why must the Assassins always interfere... Like Giovanni... If he had just left well enough alone...
    Is the ship loaded? Are you ready?
  • Guard: It is done. Let us go.
  • Emilio: Yes. And quickly.

Emilio spotted Ezio.

  • Emilio: Guardia! Guardia!

Ezio assassinated Emilio before he had a chance to leave.

  • Ezio: Do not be afraid.
  • Emilio: I feel no fear, assassin. Only regret. I sought unity... stability... order.
  • Ezio: At too great a cost.
  • Emilio: Progress demands sacrifice.
  • Ezio: Non trovo alcuna gioia in questo, ma non c'e altro modo (I take no joy in this, but I see no other way). Requiescat in pace (Rest in peace).

The guards in the Palazzo advanced on Ezio, but they were killed by a shower of arrows. An lone arrow then landed inches from Ezio's foot.

  • Rosa: Sorry! We couldn't resist.

She dropped down to where he was.


Ezio assassinating Emilio Barbarigo

  • Rosa: Come! Let's open the gate for Antonio.

The two opened the doors of the Palazzo, and Antonio walked inside.

  • Antonio: Seta is fallen and Emilio is no more! All thanks to you, Ezio!

Antonio turned to his thieves.

  • Antonio: Go! Tear down Emilio's banners! Return what he has stolen from the people.

Antonio addressed Ezio once more.

  • Antonio: Tell me, Ezio. How can I repay you for your service?
  • Ezio: Money's always nice.
  • Antonio: Easy enough.

Antonio beckoned to a thief, who handed Ezio a bag of florins.

  • Antonio: What else?
  • Ezio: Emilio was meeting with a man named Carlo. He looked to be a government official. Do you know him?
  • Antonio: Carlo Grimaldi. He sits on the Council of Ten. Why do you ask? What are you up to?
  • Ezio: I have a meeting to attend.


Emilio Barbarigo was assassinated, and merchants were allowed to resume business in the district he had controlled. Ezio also learned of Carlo Grimaldi, his next target.


  • It is possible to kill the disguised thieves, though doing so will have no effect nor will the other thieves attack Ezio in retaliation.
  • Carlo mentions to Emilio that Ezio has been in Venice "for weeks". This is strange given that four to five years has passed between Ezio's arrival in Venice and Emilio's assassination.
  • There was a glitch where, if Ezio was perched on a beam above the Palazzo della Seta's courtyard, he could become stuck there as the cutscene played below with the camera frozen on him. When the cutscene ended, control would return to Ezio, forcing him to the point where the cutscene ended but at the same altitude. Ezio would then promptly fall to his death, desynchronizing the simulation and starting again at the beginning of the next memory sequence.
  • Although in the preceding memory, Ugo tells Ezio that the thieves are to impersonate the archers, after Ezio kills the archers on the rooftops, the thieves don the armor of captains instead of the uniforms of archers.
  • The memory's title is likely a reference to shops' final sales, which are commonly advertised by banners saying "everything must go."



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