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Ever a Splinter was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward traveled to the Observatory to assassinate Laureano de Torres y Ayala, Governor of Cuba and Grand Master of the Caribbean Templars.


Edward set sail for the Observatory.

  • Anne: What's this Torres doing looking for the Observatory when you're holding the treasure yourself?
  • Edward: Torres doesn't know I have it.
  • Anne: So why bring it to him, and risk its capture?
  • Edward: I'd like him to know I have it, just before he dies.
  • Anne: Edward, there's a fleet blocking the cove we want.
  • Edward: Aye. The armada. That's Torres and his men.
  • Anne: And you're going to do what exactly?
  • Edward: Find our way past them.

Edward anchored the Jackdaw near the beach.

  • Anne: Who's this Torres? And what's your man done to earn a death sentence?
  • Edward: He's a Templar, like Rogers and Hornigold. Men cooking up schemes to use the Observatory for ill purposes. For power and control. The violence he'd cause with this thing would be subtle, but heavy. Deadly, yet leaving no mark. Does that make sense?
  • Anne: Like if there was a drought, and people was thirsty, and one man had a large cask of water but gave a sip to none. He'd be a killer with no blood on his hands.
  • Edward: Aye, like that.
  • Anne: Fair enough.
Ever a Splinter 2

Edward and Anne heading ashore

Edward and Anne left the Jackdaw and went ashore.

  • Anne: Lord, there's a bit of chill, isn't there? Hm. Thought we might see some soldiers and the like. Maybe they've gone?
  • Edward: No. They're here. Deep in the jungle.
  • Anne: Soldiers, just there! What should we do? Jaysus, look at all this! Corpses for miles.
  • Edward: They brought every ounce of menace they had.
  • Anne: Do you see them, Edward? There's Spaniards up ahead.

Edward began to make his way towards the Observatory, freeing its guardians as he came across them.

  • Anne: It's all so strange. What is it?
  • Edward: Later, Anne. I'll tell you when all this is finished.
  • Anne: Holy Mother of God. Is this the place we've come to see?
  • Edward: Aye. Stand watch here, and let none follow.
  • Anne: Fit for another dozen fights, aye. Go on, you! There's not much time.

Edward entered the Observatory, where the defense mechanisms had activated.

Ever a Splinter 5

Edward moving through the Observatory

  • Soldier 1: (My legs! Ah, my legs!)
  • Soldier 2: (I'm not staying here! I'm not- Ahhh!)
  • Soldier 3: (Come on, move your ass!)
  • Soldier 1: (I cannot! My legs. They will not move!)
  • Soldier 2: (Leave him! We'll die if we do not!)
  • Soldier 3: (Do you hear that, man? Get up! I don't want to leave you!)
  • Soldier 2: (It's your funerals!)
  • Soldier 1: (Please! Please don't leave me! He's here! The pirate is here! Spare me... please! I do not want to die.)

Edward made his way to the observation chamber.

  • Torres: (We have triggered something!)
  • Soldier 4: (Our duty is to stand with Torres! Where are you going?)
  • Soldier 5: (That old man will get us all killed!)
  • Soldier 4: (You'll be reprimanded for this! Coward.)
  • Soldier 5: (Reprimanded by whom? A dead man?)
  • Torres: (He's here! Kill him!)

Edward attacked the soldiers.

  • Soldiers: (What in God's name is this!)
    (Don't get near that!)
    (Be careful!)
    (God, no..!)
    (Jesus, help me!)
    (God no! No!)

Edward killed the soldiers and made his way to Torres.

  • Torres: (Damn you, Kenway!) We could have worked together, Edward. We could have taken power for ourselves! And brought these miserable empires to their knees! There is so much potential in you. So much you have not yet accomplished! I could show you things. Mysteries beyond anything that you could imagine!
Ever a Splinter 8

Torres' final moments

Edward assassinated Torres.

  • Torres: Captain Kenway. Ever a splinter in my side. Does this murder fulfill you?
  • Edward: I'm only seeing a job done, Torres. As you'd have done with me.
  • Torres: As we have done, I think. You have no family anymore, no friends, no future. Your losses are far greater than ours.
  • Edward: That may be. But killing you rights a far greater wrong than ever I did.
  • Torres: You honestly believe that?
  • Edward: You would see all of mankind corralled into a neatly furnished prison, safe and sober, yet dulled beyond reason and sapped of all spirit. So, aye... with everything I've seen and learned in these last years, I do believe it.
  • Torres: You wear your convictions well. They suit you...

Edward was joined by Anne, Adéwalé, and Ah Tabai.

  • Edward: Torres awakened something fierce! Are we safe?
  • Ah Tabai: With the device returned, I believe so.
  • Anne: What d'ye call this place?
  • Adéwalé: Captain Kenway's folly.
Ever a Splinter 10

Ah Tabai placing the Skull back into the sphere

Ah Tabai placed the Crystal Skull back in the armillary sphere.

  • Ah Tabai: (Quiet now. Go back to sleep.) We will seal this place, and discard the key. Until another Sage appears, this door will remain locked.
  • Edward: There were vials when I came here last. Filled with the blood of ancient men, Roberts said. But they're gone now.
  • Ah Tabai: Then it's up to us to recover them. Before the Templars catch wind of this. You could join us in that cause.
  • Edward: I will. But... only after I fix what I mangled back home.

Ah Tabai handed Edward a letter from England.

  • Ah Tabai: It arrived last week.


Edward assassinated Laureano Torres, returned the Observatory to its dormant state, and learned of his wife's passing.



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