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Eve of Saint John was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline traveled to San Danje to meet with the houngan living there, in the hopes that he could help her find the location of the voodoo ceremony held by the false Mackandal, whom she had been ordered to kill.


Aveline met with the houngan and Élise.

  • Aveline: Élise.
  • Élise: Aveline! Does Mackandal still live?
  • Aveline: He's holding his ceremony tonight... Venerable one, I bring supplies from Roussillon.
  • Houngan: Mmm. Thank you. This Mackandal is a dark influence over the people of San Danje. If you can stop him, I will help. Yes... His shadow emanates from the shore of Lake Pontchartrain. He has a poison in his possession from which you will not recover, if stung. I will give you the antidote, but it will not stop the poison, only limit its damage. Time is short. You must take this now.

Aveline drank the antidote.

  • Aveline: I've had worse... I think. Thank you. We'll strike tonight. I'll disguise myself as a slave so that I'm invisible to Mackandal's followers.
  • Élise: I'll be ready when you are. "Saint John" won't know what hit him!

Aveline and Élise set off in their canoes.

Eve of Saint John 2

Aveline following Élise

  • Aveline: How long have you been working with Roussillon?
  • Élise: Years.
  • Aveline: Is he your... well--
  • Élise: God no! No, no. Don't get me wrong, I'd pluck my eye out for him... But I wouldn't bed the letch if he were the last man in Nouvelle France (New France).
  • Aveline: How do you know him?
  • Élise: Touss-- Roussillon saved my life once, long ago. I figured I owed him, so I helped him expand his "business". The Ol' Devil showed me a few tricks too, taught me his trade, if you will. 'Course, I do all the work!
    Well, here it is, the Realm of the Dead! Homey, ain't it?

Aveline and Élise disembarked and witnessed a conversation between the false Mackandal and Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer.

  • De Ferrer: --if you make good on your word.
  • Baptiste: Fear not, señor. I was trained by--
  • De Ferrer: I know only too well who your master was, Baptiste. Just remember where your loyalties lie.
  • Baptiste: I shall not fail you.
  • De Ferrer: See that you don't.
  • Baptiste: My faithful Acolytes, stand ready! The time of our ritual is now!

Aveline and Élise neared the site of the ceremony, but where blocked by a group of Baptiste's followers.

Eve of Saint John 4

Élise luring the guards away

  • Élise: I'll approach from the far side and create a distraction. Wait for it before you move.
  • Aveline: Oui, oui, mon capitaine! (Aye, aye, Captain!)

With Élise having distracted the guards, Aveline was able to sneak closer and pretended to dance along with the other followers. She then attempted to kill Baptiste with a poison dart, but failed and was struck with one herself, with the poison quickly setting in.

  • Baptiste: Ah. Your blowpipe... A beautiful weapon. One of the finest I ever made. I remember the day that coward, Agaté, stole it. Fitting he should remain too spineless to face me. But I have captured his pawn. Now he will be forced from hiding!
  • Aveline: How... do you know Agaté?
  • Baptiste: So he is here, as I suspected. Agaté was my disciple once. If not for that thieving woman--
  • Aveline: Who are you really? The true Mackandal burned at the stake.
  • Baptiste: I see  you know your history. Very well... François Mackandal was my mentor. And an Assassin. But he failed. She betrayed us and he died. I won't make that mistake before I carry out his life's destiny.

Thanks to the antidote she had ingested earlier, Aveline recovered from the poison.

  • Baptiste: The poison fails?

Aveline fought Baptiste's bodyguards.

  • Baptiste: Swift... Precise. My treacherous brother has trained her well. But she will not interfere with our plans.
    Finish her!

Aveline killed all the bodyguards, forcing Baptiste to come down and engage her personally.

Eve of Saint John 7

Baptiste confronting Aveline

  • Baptiste: Then I will take care of you myself. The ceremony will go on. You cannot stop it. When I'm done with you, I will destroy your mentor.

Aveline bested Baptiste.

  • Baptiste: By your hand, Agaté betrays me one final time. The locket you wear--I know it well. The first time Agaté betrayed me, it was for the woman, the thief... She wore one just like it.
  • Aveline: Who was she? What was her name? What was her name?

Baptiste perished, leaving Aveline to return to Élise.

  • Aveline: It is done. I must return to Agaté.
  • Élise: And I, to that drunk I call a business partner. I am glad to have met you, Aveline.


Aveline killed Baptiste, the false Mackandal, protecting Agaté from his plans and weakening his remaining band of followers. However, she also found Agaté had known her mother, a fact he had chosen to keep from her.


  • In the HD remake, the memory finishes directly after Baptiste has perished, leaving out the final dialogue between Aveline and Élise.



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