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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve seen in The Truth video

Eve was a hybrid and leader of the human rebellion against the Isu during the Human-Isu War. As a fighter for humanity's free will, she is considered one of the first proto-Assassins, along with Adam.[1]



Eve was born to the Isu scientist Phanes, head of Project Anthropos–which led to the creation of humanity–and a human woman. Before her birth, her parents fled the city of Eden and took refuge in Atlantis. Upon discovering their pregnancy, and fearing that their child would be taken captive and experimented on by the Isu, Eve's parents went to great lengths to shield her from Isu society.[2]


In 75,010 BCE,[3] Eve ignited a rebellion against the Isu by stealing an Apple of Eden. Unaffected by the effects of their Pieces of Eden due to the lack of necessary neurotransmitters in her brain, she then proceeded to wake another hybrid, Adam,[4], following which the pair attempted to escape Eden.[5]

Later, Eve was chosen as the official leader of humanity's rebellion against their creators, and a holographic record of her election on a Prophecy Disk survived the Toba catastrophe, until it was discovered by Aveline de Grandpré in 1777.[6]

Eve and Adam were the parents of Cain and Abel, the former of which would later kill his brother in order to acquire his Apple of Eden.[5]




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