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"Touch, Adam, and you will know."
―Eve encouraging Adam to touch the Apple, c. 75,010 BCE.[src]-[m]

Eve was a hybrid and leader of the human rebellion against the Isu during the Human-Isu War. As a fighter for humanity's free will, she is considered one of the first proto-Assassins, along with Adam,[1] and was later immortalized in Biblical mythology.[2]



Adam and Eve Driven out of Eden

Adam and Eve Driven out of Eden, by Gustave Doré

In Biblical mythology, Eve was the first woman. Created by God from one of Adam's ribs, they resided in the Garden of Eden, a utopian paradise. After being left to their own devices, Eve was tricked by Satan into eating the forbidden fruit. After convincing Adam, they partook in disobeying God's Will and ate the fruit.[3] Afterwards, they gained free will and suddenly ashamed at their nakedness, clothed themselves in make-shift coverage made of leaves. After this indiscretion, they were cast out of the Garden of Eden as punishment.[4]

After being cast out, Eve would bear Adam's children; their first born sons were Abel and Cain. Cain would later kill his brother out of jealousy, however, and was thus branded the first murderer. After Abel's death and Cain's banishment, she gave birth to another son, Seth. Other sons and daughters were bore after Seth also.[2] Once Adam reached the age of 930, after fathering a further 30 sons and 30 daughters, he died. Eve soon followed six days later.[5]



Eve was born to the Isu scientist Phanes, head of Project Anthropos—which led to the creation of humanity—and a human woman. Before her birth, her parents fled the city of Eden and took refuge in Atlantis. Upon discovering their pregnancy, and fearing that their child would be taken captive and experimented on by the Isu, Eve's parents went to great lengths to shield her from Isu society.[6]


Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve after escaping Eden

Some time before the Great Catastrophe,[7] Eve ignited a rebellion against the Isu by stealing an Apple of Eden. Unaffected by the effects of their Pieces of Eden due to the lack of necessary neurotransmitters in her brain, she then proceeded to wake another hybrid, Adam,[8] following which the pair attempted to escape Eden.[9]

Later, Eve was elected as the official leader of humanity's rebellion against their creators, and a holographic recording of the event was stored within a Prophecy Disk.[10]


Eve and Adam were the parents of Cain and Abel, the former of whom would later kill his younger brother in order to acquire his Apple of Eden.[11] Some future Templars, the sworn enemies of the Assassins, would come to see themselves as the "Children of Cain".[12]

Later, Eve was seen by the Abrahamic religions as the first woman and the ancestor of all humans. Her story of taking the Apple of Eden alongside Adam was altered as an act of disobedience against God, resulting in what became known as the "fall of man" from the Garden of Eden. During the Renaissance, Eve also became an artistic subject as many events of the Bible. The German painter Albrecht Dürer made a painting of Eve.[13]

In 1725, while under the influence of a Piece of Eden shaped like a crescent amulet, the Assassin Edward Kenway experienced several visions of the past and the future, including one of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.[14]

At some point, the Prophecy Disk containing the recording of Eve's election as leader of the human rebellion was split into two parts, each being stored within one of the Isu temples underneath the Maya city of Chichen Itza. In the mid-18th century, the Lousiana Rite of the Templar Order discovered the Chichen Itza ruins and set up a worksite to excavate them and find the Disk pieces. However, both pieces would ultimately be acquired by the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré,[15][16] who also possessed the amulet needed to activate the artifact, which had been gifted to her by her mother Jeanne.[17]

Erudito 7

Aveline witnessing the recording of Eve's election as the rebel leader

In 1777, Aveline presented the two Disk pieces to her stepmother Madeleine de L'Isle, the leader of the Louisiana Templars, during her feigned induction into the Order at New Orleans' Saint Louis Cathedral. After Madeleine failed to activate the artifact due to lacking the amulet, she was killed by Aveline, who then inserted the amulet into the Disk and witnessed the recording of Eve's election as the rebel leader.[10]

In 2012, the Assassin Clay Kaczmarek, a distant descendant of Adam, discovered his relation to him, and by extension the true origins of humanity, following intensive prolonged exposure to the Animus which eventually drove him to commit suicide. Before that, Clay uploaded a video file into the Animus showcasing Adam and Eve's escape from Eden that was later viewed by his successor Desmond Miles.[13]

Behind the scenes

Eve is a biblical figure and character first introduced in Assassin's Creed II through the completion of all the hidden glyph puzzles. She was voiced by Ida Darvish, who returned to portray her in the Assassin's Creed: Revelations downloadable expansion The Lost Archive.