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Evasive Maneuvers was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


When Ezio returned to Monteriggioni after obtaining the Poison Blade, he trained with his uncle Mario. Ezio learned how to dodge and disarm opponents, skills that would prove helpful in future battles.


Ezio entered Mario's study.

  • Mario: Ezio! Haha, Come in, come in! To what do we owe the honor?
  • Ezio: I've been sent from Firenze by Il Magnifico to attend to some unfinished business. I'm looking for Jacopo de' Pazzi.
  • Mario: Ha... Who isn't? We've been at it for days.
  • Ezio: Then perhaps what I carry will help us both: a list of his co-conspirators. One of them WILL talk before he dies.
  • Mario: Excellent! These men are sure to lack Jacopo's resources, which means they will be easier to find. I will put my scouts to it at once.
  • Ezio: I appreciate the help, uncle. I've got something else for you as well: more Codex pages.
  • Mario: Ah! Let's see what we can learn. What is this...? What Prophet...?
  • Ezio: What did you find, uncle?
  • Mario: Just another damn mystery! The text here roughly translates to: "Only the prophet may open it..." There's reference to two "Pieces of Eden." But these pages offer no answers, nipote (nephew). At least not on their own. You must find more.
  • Ezio: We'll have to save it for another day, uncle. I have a mission to attend to.
  • Mario: As you wish. Now, if you hope to defeat these bastardi (bastards), I will need to teach you a few things. Meet me on the practice field.

Ezio and Mario went to the practice field.

  • Mario: Alright, Ezio. You're familiar with counter-attacking - but what happens when your enemy is as well?
Evasive 3

Mario warning Ezio

  • Ezio: I don't usually give them the opportunity.
  • Mario: Tough talk offers little protection against Templar steel.
  • Ezio: Then by all means, maestro (master) - teach me what to do!
  • Mario: Now dodge!

Ezio and Mario finished their training.

  • Mario: Magnifico! (Magnificent!) Once again you exceed my expectations!
  • Mercenary: Signore! (Sir!) We've found Jacopo's men, and await your word to strike!
  • Mario: Relay the following: no man moves until they have spoken with Ezio. Intesi? (Understand?)
  • Mercenary: It will be done!
  • Mario: Go, Ezio! Visit with my mercenaries in the countryside. See if Jacopo's lackeys won't lead you to him. But be careful. They will be expecting you!


Under the instruction of his uncle Mario, Ezio learned how to dodge and disarm his opponents.



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