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This article is about Spartan polemarch. You may be looking for a pirate and mercenary during the Middle Ages with the same name.
" *Cough* Eustace is already in Arkadia, resting in a nearby city. And once he join us, he will *cough* lead us to a glorious victory!"
―A dying Spartan Hypaspist to the mercenaries hired by Athenian, 431 BCE[src]-[m]

Eustace (died 431 BCE) was a Spartan polemarch during the Peloponnesian War.


In 431 BCE, during the war, the Athenians got the information about that Spartan polemarch Eustace will soon join the field in Arkadia, and attack Athens. Thus of this, the Athenians hired the misthios to take down Eustace. At night, the misthios infiltrate the Spartan camp in Arkadia first, and gather intelligence on Eustace's location by interrogate a Spartan hypaspist. The Spartan hypaspist was surprised by the intruders, and interrupt the misthios' line. Immediately, both sides engaged and the misthios won the fight. As the result, the Spartan hypaspist reveal that Eustace is already in Arkadia resting in a nearby city before his death, and there are two more Spartan generals is preparing to attack Athens, too, Erastos and Heraclius.[1]

Another morning, the misthios truly found Eustace in the city and killed him under the cliff.[2]



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