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Euphrasia (died 886) was a Frankish high-ranking religious figure, who served as a nun, apparently blessed by the spirit of Saint Taurinus. A member of the religious zealotical Bellatores Dei, she was known to the populace as "Little Mother," who helped those inflicted with devils through "deliverance."[1]


Not much is known about Euphrasia, except for her encounter of being saved from burning alive, by the spirit of Saint Taurinus. However, during her tenure as "Little Mother", she was in charge of people receiving deliverance from places all around, such as Evreux and the village, Aquila. During her time, Euphrasia was personally responsible for the capture and attempted sacrificial murder of Queen Richardis.[2]

The Siege of Paris

When the Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan arrived in Evreux, Eivor heard that a person by the moniker of "Little Mother" was at the church for prayer. Investigating Richardis' location, Eivor headed to Church of Saint Taurinus and blended in to hear the prayer. Euphrasia introduced herself and how she worked tirelessly to help those inflicted with demons and for them to seek deliverance. However, Euphrasia hinted that salvation had no exceptions, whether one was prince or pauper. Taking note of this, Eivor looked for the Little Mother, but Euphrasia left during prayer. From further investigation, Eivor learned that a woman's husband was brought for deliverance to Little Mother to Aquila, but never returned. Thus, Eivor set out to Aquila to find Little Mother.[1]

Eivor investigated St. Taurinus Tavern and heard about Little Mother's current "prisoner" and her house outside of Evreux. Eivor went to the house and garnered the truth of Little Mother, learning that she was part of the Bellatores Dei and she had Queen Richardis as her prisoner. Eivor traveled to Aquila and tried to find the sanctum, and after investigating the village, found out that Euphrasia's base of operations was in the crypt. Finding her way inside, Eivor unlocked the crypt entrance and went into the Aquila Sewers. From her sleuthing, she saw Little Mother's actions as bearer of deliverance paid a heavy toll in torture and pain.[2]


Probing further, Eivor unlocked a door to Little Mother's sanctum itself, walking in just as Euphrasia condemned Richardis to death as she awaited her sacrificial knife. Looking around and devising a plan, Eivor acted and found an opportunity to strike, assassinating Euphrasia before she could kill the Queen. The Viking promptly released Richardis, who paid last rites to Euphrasia, then both women fled before the guards could come.[2]

Behind the scenes

Euphrasia's manner of death may be vary, as Eivor has the option to either attack her head-on, use the situational opportunities to get close, or stealthily assassinate the nun without raising any suspicion.