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Euneas was a Spartan admiral who served under Myrrine, the oligarch of Naxos, during the Peloponnesian War. They had grown close.


Euneas: "Thank you, misthios. I hope Phoenix pays you well for this."
Kassandra: "Remind her for me."
Euneas: "Something's wrong with Paros—more than usual. Strange things are afoot."
—Euneas after being rescued by Kassandra, 429 BCE.[src]-[m]

In 429 BCE, Euneas was sent by Myrrine to Paros on a diplomatic mission for a peace talk with the island polis. Upon arrival however, he and his men were ambushed by a number of Parian soldiers. While Euneas' men were slaughtered, he was captured and taken to the Fortified Marble Quarry. As Euneas failed to return, Myrrine sent her daughter Kassandra to locate his whereabouts and return him home.[1]

Within the remains of Euneas' ship, Kassandra found one of Euneas' men alive, who informed Kassandra of the Parian attack and the capture of his superior. Kassandra subsequwently travelled to the quarry and freed Euneas, bringing him to safety.[1]

After they reached safety, Euneas informed Kassandra of the things he observed on the island, including witnessing a meeting where one of the people present had worn a mask unlike any he'd seen before. With that, Euneas and Kassandra parted ways, and Euneas returned to Myrrine to tell her what he'd seen.[1]

Behind the scenes

Viewing Euneas with Ikaros during Quarry Quandry shows he has a unique avatar for a light soldier, but he cannot be recruited as a lieutenant for the Adrestia, as he is the captain of the Spartan Heavy Trireme that Kassandra fights alongside with against Paros' fleet in Unified Front. Once the fleet is defeated, going onto the Spartan Heavy Trireme and attempting to attack any of the soldiers will be useless, as no damage is dealt to any of the soldiers, including Euneas.