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Euhemeria (Greek: Εὐημερία) was an Egyptian port village located on the south bank of Lake Moeris in the Faiyum region. The town was not particularly wealthy, with the exception of Hotephres, his wife Khenut and their daughter Shadya, who owned a stately villa in the area.


Around 48 BCE, the member of the Order of the Ancients known as The Crocodile held Faiyum in their grasp, and their influence was especially felt in Euhemeria. Egyptian farmers' lands were taxed more heavily than Greeks', and after Egyptian owners died, their land was claimed by the Greeks or the desert. This resulted in the native Egyptian population being driven to poverty, and a slum.[1]

In 48 BCE, after meeting Hotephres aboard his trireme, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa came to the village to meet the informant's wife Khenut, whom he had given The Crocodile's ledger to. Khenut informed Bayek that she had hidden the ledger in their villa, and asked her daughter Shadya to bring him there, only to discover that The Crocodile's soldiers were searching the place.[2]

Bayek infiltrated the villa, only to discover that the ledger had actually ended into the hands of Shadya. Returning back to Khenut's alms kitchen, Bayek was informed that soldiers had taken Khenut and Shadya to the lighthouse. Rushing to the location, Bayek arrived too late to save Shadya, who had been drowned by The Crocodile by weighing her feet with rocks and submerging her in the waters near the pier.[2]

Sometime around the same time, Bayek discovered that people in the slums of Euhemeria were getting sick, dying, and their corpses were burnt to protect the living, at the expense of their souls.[1]

Bayek investigated this, and with a local healer, discovered that the poor had been poisoned by a wealthy merchant, who'd set up an alms kitchen nearby. They dealt with the merchant in due course.[1]



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