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Escape From Debt was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


Ezio Auditore returned to the Rosa in Fiore after the meeting at the Tiber Island headquarters to talk with his sister Claudia. While at Tiber Island, she had informed him that the senator, Egidio Troche, was indebted to the Banker. With this in mind, the Assassin relayed his plan to her.


Claudia informing Ezio about Egidio Troche's location

  • Claudia: What do you want?
  • Ezio: You spoke of a Senator at the meeting.
  • Claudia: Find him on the Campidoglio, you do not need me.
  • Ezio: Once I kill the Banker, your girls must take his money back to the underground.
  • Claudia: Fine.
  • Ezio: Stay alert.

Ezio went to the Campidoglio to find Egidio.

  • Ezio: Now, where is that Senator?
  • Civilian 1: Why would we give our money to Egidio? We know what he intends to do with it.
  • Civilian 2: Egidio's been asking for money again.
  • Civilian 3: What is it for this time?
  • Civilian 2: Some proposal to diminish the frequency of public executions.
  • Civilian 4: Did you hear? Egidio wants to get rid of the exemption licenses.
  • Civilian 5: Please! Every citizen who feels mistreated by our laws should be allowed to pay for an exemption to those laws. Such is our duty. As Jesu Cristo said, 'blessed are the messengers'.
  • Civilian 6: Egidio's petitioning for an end to witness torture in the criminal courts.
  • Civilian 7: Like that's going to happen. He just wants the money to pay off his debts.

Ezio found the Senator talking with three guards.

Egidio is cornered by Borgia guards

  • Guard 1: No more arguing.
  • Guard 2: Your bill has come due.
  • Egidio: Make an exception for an old man.
  • Guard 1: No.
  • Guard 3: The Banker sent us to collect.
  • Egidio: I will have his money momentarily.
  • Guard 2: Not good enough.

The third guard started to punch Egidio, but Ezio interrupted their assault of the senator and rescued Egidio.

  • Egidio: A good Samaritan in Roma? I thought they were a dying breed.
  • Ezio: Senator Egidio Troche.
  • Egidio: I don't owe you money too, do I?
  • Ezio: I'm looking for Cesare's banker.
  • Egidio: Ha. Cesare Borgia. And you are?
  • Ezio: A friend of the family.
  • Egidio: Cesare has a lot of friends these days. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.
  • Ezio: I can pay.
  • Egidio: Ma che meraviglia! (Well, isn't that something!) He fights guards and gives away money. Where have you been all my life?
  • Ezio: We'd better get out of here.
  • Egidio: I know a place.

Ezio escorting Egidio to safety

Ezio began to escort the Senator to a safe location.

  • Egidio: You're going to have to protect me though. The guards aren't being very friendly, if you know what I mean.
  • Ezio: Someone really wants you dead.
  • Egidio: A few months ago my brother Francesco, the Pope's Chamberlain – I know, I know, don't get me started – he told me of Cesare's plans for Romagna. I wrote to the ambassador of Venezia, warning him. One of my letters must have been intercepted.
    The Senate has nothing to do these days, the Borgia have taken all the power. You know what it's like to not have un cazzo
    (fuck) to do? It changes a man. I admit I've been gambling, drinking...
  • Ezio: And whoring.
  • Egidio: Oh, you're good. Was it the perfume on my sleeve?
  • Ezio: Something like that.
  • Egidio: Senators used to petition about real issues, like unlawful cruelty, abandoned children. Now we write up legislation on the appropriate width of women's sleeves.
  • Ezio: Not you. You raise money for false causes to pay back your gambling debts.
  • Egidio: False causes! I am interested in pursuing them as soon as I am financially able to do so. You ever look at a grave and think "This is the most significant thing I will ever do?"

When they arrived at the first location, there were two guards on the entrance.

  • Ezio: It is not safe here. We must keep moving.

They went to a second location, which was also heavily guarded.

  • Ezio: We cannot stop here. Too many guards.

Ezio and Egidio arrive at Francesco's house

Finally, they reached the third location, which they deemed safe and entered.

  • Egidio: Maledette (Fucking) letters. I should never have sent them to the ambassador. Now Cesare will murder me. Benvenuto (Welcome) to the home of my brother, Francesco. Thank God he's not here, we haven't talked since he found out about the letters. What did you want again?
  • Ezio: Cesare's banker.
  • Egidio: Right. I need to arrive with the money. Problem is, there is no money.
  • Ezio: You are meeting the Banker? Where?
  • Egidio: I never know until I'm there. I go to one of three places. Then his friends take me to him.
  • Ezio: I will bring you all the money you owe.
  • Egidio: Sul serio? (Seriously?) You need to stop this. You might actually give me hope!


Ezio protected Egidio until they found a safe place, before he gave Egidio the money that he owed to the Banker.


  • In some instances, a glitch may prevent the completion of this memory, as it would state that Egidio had been killed just after starting it. This would repeatedly occur until a soft reset was undertaken.



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