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Erudito was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline triggered an Erudito hack, causing the Animus to reveal information that wasn't supposed to be seen.


Madeleine de L'Isle tried to activate the Prophecy Disk.

  • Madeleine: It does not work! Why can't I understand? It cannot be. I refuse to believe it! All these wasted years... A lifetime of sacrifice and-- We have all the pieces, I am certain of it. Unless...

Madeleine caught on to Aveline's ruse and sent her men after her, though they were unable to hold back the Assassin, who slaughtered the Templars present and then gravely wounded Madeleine.

  • Madeleine: Why?
  • Aveline: You can blame Chichen Itza on de Ferrer, but I see through you.
  • Madeleine: My daughter... No.
  • Aveline: "Daughter". Only two people can call me that. You banished one, and sacrificed the other. Foxglove. You killed my father with your "care" and your tonic. Why? Because he never truly loved you? And Jeanne, my mother. You stole her child, sent her away. You kept her enslaved even after my father had freed her. And now you attempt to return me to that fate.
  • Madeleine: In the service of humanity! In Work, the purpose for which you were created. We were created! The highest purpose.
  • Aveline: I. Will. Not. Serve. You.
  • Madeleine: No!

Aveline stabbed Madeleine, killing her. She then placed her locket into the Prophecy Disk, activating it.

Erudito 7

Aveline watching the message recorded on the Disk

  • Voice 1: Eve will lead us through the war of generations.
  • Voice 2: There will be great sacrifice, great sorrow, to end the enslavement of the human race.
  • Voice 1: Now is the time to claim our freedom. Are you with us?
  • Voice 2: I am.
  • Voice 1 & 2: Eve will lead us.

Gérald Blanc walked up to Aveline.

  • Aveline: It is done.


Erudito allowed everyone to see the information Abstergo tried to keep secret; Aveline's induction had been a ploy to gather the most powerful Templars active in the region and then assassinate them.


  • In the original Vita version, Aveline needed to chase down Madeleine, being confronted by other Templars along the way, to the second floor, where she eventually killed her stepmother. In the HD remake, the battle is instead centered around the altar, with the second floor remaining inaccessible.



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