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Erich Albert (died 1914) was a high ranking German general during World War I and a member of the Templar Order.


During the war, the Germans and British called a truce on Christmas. When Albert became comfortable with the truce, he invited a British medic to the German camp to perform surgery on a German soldier. As soon as the surgery was done, the medic noticed Albert's ring, which had a red cross on it. Albert offered to trade it with him, but when the medic raised his hands to show that he had no ring in return, Albert noticed, to his shock, the Assassin burn mark on the medic's ring finger. The medic immediately impaled Albert with his Hidden Blade, killing him.[1]

Personality and characteristics

"High ranking. Rumored to be a genius. He appears awkward at first, but soon relaxes and joins his men in the celebration."
―An Assassin's observation of Albert.[src]-[m]

Albert was a man of great intellect, although he could appear awkward at first glance. He possessed some surgical skills, evident by the fact that he and two medics were able to perform a successful surgery in the field on a German soldier, patching up the extensive torso damage. He also appeared to be a trusting person, quickly becoming friendly with a British medic, in reality an Assassin, that had assisted him in the surgery.[1]