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"These ruins are a good reminder of the devastation the Persians left behind."
―Kassandra upon visiting the ruins, 420s BCE[src]

Eretria (Ancient Greek: Ἐρέτρια, Greek: Ερέτρια) is a town on the island of Euboea, Greece. In classical antiquity it was a polis within the Forgotten Ruins of Makris region of Abantis Islands.


The town was a thriving city in the 5th century BCE, when it shared a fierce rivalry with its neighbor, Chalkis. The two competed incessantly for trade and hegemony until the second Persian invasion where Eretria was devastated. Despite some progress in rebuilding, the city was never able to regain its former power, and its archrival seized upon this opportunity to try to subjugate and enslave Eretria at last.[1]

When the misthios Kassandra visited the town during the Peloponnesian War, the locals were in the process of rebuilding the town.[1]




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