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Erastos' Charge was an altered representation of fragmented genetic memories.


Athenian scouts have reported that the famed General Erastos is in a Korinthian city and will soon lead his troops towards Athens.

Eliminating Erastos before he can move out will strike a dire blow to the Spartans' war effort. We must navigate and fight our way through the city and take him out. There is great honor and fortune to be earned by completing such a bounty!


After defeat Erastos.

  • Erastos: *Cough, cough* Misthios rat! Did you think defeating me would bring you riches? Ah! You will not survive long enough to receive your bounty! My sworn brother General Heraclius is coming, and the fury of his forces will obliterate you and your Athenian masters! Prepare to *gasp*... face the wrath of Sparta!


The misthios send by Athenians killed Erastos and ready to get another Spartan commander.


  • The dialogue can be bypassed by taking the rooftop route to stealth kill Erastos.


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