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Equal Employment Opportunity Program was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


On Barnabas' advice, Kassandra agreed to help him look for new crew members for the Adrestia.


Barnabas and Kassandra talked aboard the Adrestia.

  • Barnabas: I lost a couple of good men in the scrap with those pirates. The seas are more dangerous now that Sparta and Athens are at each other's throats.
  • Kassandra: We need new recruits to better our crew...
  • Barnabas: I know where to start - the best archer I know, he'd be a valuable asset.
  • Kassandra: When can we meet him?
  • Barnabas: Well... You're going to have to persuade him.
  • Kassandra: What do you mean?
  • Barnabas: You get him aboard, and I'll talk him into it... A little drachmae should sweeten the deal.
  • Kassandra: So, you want me to... knock him out.
  • Barnabas: No, no. Well, maybe just pacify him a little. Then get him to the ship, so we can have a little talk. Everything will be fine, I promise you.

As the Adrestia approached the Marooned Bandit Camp, Barnabas was in a cheerful mood.

  • Barnabas: The gods are with us today, Kassandra. The sea is calm, and the winds are warm.
  • Kassandra: It's beautiful.
  • Barnabas: It is, my friend. It sure is. That's the island. You'll need to be cautious - it'll be crawling with pirates.
  • Kassandra: I should send Ikaros up to get the lay of the land. He'll spot my target.

With Ikaros having spotted the archer, Kassandra dove into the waters to swim to the island. She crept to the platform Phemios stood on, incapacitating him, then making an offer for him to join the crew.

  • Kassandra: He'll make a worthy addition to the crew.

(At this point, players can continue to recruit any soldier on the island.)
Kassandra returned to the boat.

  • Kassandra: I got him.
  • Barnabas: Good, he'll be a valuable asset to the crew.
  • Kassandra: Will he be enough?
  • Barnabas: Don't worry, there'll be plenty of opportunities to recruit more people as we go.
  • Kassandra: Something tells me we're going to need them.
  • Barnabas: We should set a course for Megaris. A long voyage can be relaxing, but we are not really the cruising type. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can always check my log over there. I make a note of anything I hear that could be of interest... to a daring captain.


Kassandra recruited the archer Phemios for the Adrestia crew.


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