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Engelwin (died 886) was a Frankish high-ranking clergyman who served as a Bishop of Paris during the 9th century. A member of the religious zealotical Bellatores Dei,[1] he was responsible for killing the Viking leader Sinric of the Elgring Clan, the father of Toka Sinricsdottir and the brother of fellow Viking leader Sigfred.


Not much is known about Bishop Engelwin, except for his medical history of amyloidosis, which caused the skin around his eyes to darken.[1] However, during his tenure as Bishop, Engelwin became one of the opponents against a clan of Vikings, led by brothers Sinric and Sigfred. During his time, Engelwin was personally responsible for the ambush and murder of Sinric, which led to Sigfred and Sinric's daughter, Toka, to vouch for revenge.[2]

The Siege of Paris

At Melun, Frankish soldiers, led by Bishop Engelwin, disrupted a meeting between Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan, Sigfred, and Toka. Engelwin ambushed the settlement, killed some of Sigfred's warriors, and declared to want both Sigfred and Eivor dead. Engelwin left the village as he commanded his men to finish up. However, Engelwin left too early as his men fell to Eivor and her allies. From the Vikings' perspective, Engelwin was the current issue.[2]

From Eivor's investigation, Engelwin was shown to be stealing tithes from the church to finance his own plans and that people were being taken for "deliverance," by his own accord. Engelwin's location was deduced to be at Sainte-Geneviève Church, from Eivor's findings.[3]

Death and legacy

Engelwin's death

Underneath Sainte-Geneviève Church, Engelwin was in his sanctum, as he was whipping another man for his deliverance. Unknown to Engelwin, Eivor gained entry with the Bellatores Robe. Engelwin took his time with his dealings and works of deliverance, while Eivor waited for her chance. Engelwin continued his duties until Eivor came and assassinated him. From Engelwin's personal effects, Eivor garnered a key and a strange chest.[3]

Engelwin's key unlocked a door nearby and the room contained wealth, the Scythe of Revolt, flags of a strange symbol, and Engelwin's documents, from Eivor's search. From the documents, Engelwin wrote about he dealt with his inner conflicts and about his correspondence with King Charles about the attack on Melun.[4]

Behind the scenes

Engelwin's manner of death may be vary, as Eivor has the option to either attack him head-on, use the situational opportunities to get close, or stealthily assassinate the bishop without raising any suspicion.




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