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End of the Snake was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek infiltrated the Ptolemaic Royal Palace to discover the identity of the Snake so that he could assassinate him.


Inside the palace, Bayek found the Royal Scribe's office. He looked at a set of scrolls.

  • Bayek: Looks important. Locked.
  • Scrolls of the Royal Scribe: "The Reign of Ptolemy Theos as recorded by the Royal Scribe"
  • Bayek: These are the rooms of the Royal Scribe.

Bayek found a chest.

  • Bayek: Looks important. Locked.

Bayek found a broken ladder next to a shelf.

  • Bayek: A ladder. Hmm.

Climbing the shelves, Bayek found a key to the chest.

  • Bayek: Ah. A key.

Bayek unlocked the chest and looked through scrolls.

  • Bayek: Official papers. This chest belongs to the Royal Scribe himself, Eudoros. Hm... a false bottom.

Bayek removed the false bottom, and discovered a letter in the hidden compartment.

  • Bayek: A letter.
Origins Quest08EndOfTheSnake Part02

Bayek reading the letter written by Eudoros

  • Letter: Esteemed Ibis. The Pharaoh remains compliant and is our puppet in all things. Act with caution in Siwa: the murder of the Heron was but the first. Two from among us here in Alexandria have also been killed.

Bayek saw a vision of Eudoros and another man sending Ptolemy to sit on his throne as they discussed important matters.

  • Letter: However, the situation is under control... Gennadios is actively questioning the populace. We commend your efforts, Ibis. Long life.

Bayek saw Eudoros watching Gennadios beat a civilian with his club.

  • Bayek: Stamped with the seal of the Snake. The Snake is Eudoros, the Royal Scribe.
    Aya said that the Royal Scribe is often at the bath house. I will kill that neket iadet
    (piece of shit) Eudoros there.
ACO Alexandria Bathhouse

The bathhouse

Bayek entered the bath house disguised as a regular visitor, wearing a towel.

  • Visitor 1: Aristo is taking Eudoros to court for plagiarism.
  • Visitor 2: No!
  • Visitor 1: I was visiting the docks and heard it from Aristo's wife herself!
  • Visitor 2: His wife? She works herself into histrionics over nothing.
  • Visitor 1: Eudoros stole whole paragraphs from Aristo's book about the Nile!
  • Visitor 3: Kyros chooses his horses badly. Have you seen his wife?
  • Visitor 4: I love coming here, the building alone is worth the trip. Look up at that expansive ceiling! Simply divine.
  • Visitor 5: Eudoros is here again.
  • Visitor 6: I pity him. His skin affliction is an endless source of discomfort.
  • Visitor 5: As do we all.
  • Simonides: Ptolemy is a chinless simpleton.
  • Visitor 7: Simonides, you have consumed too much wine!
  • Simonides: I have, and I will again. But had I not, would our pharaoh be any less a goose?
  • Soldier: Is everything to your liking, my lord?
  • Eudoros: The water's a bit tepid today. Such incompetence.
  • Soldier: My lord. Are you properly served?
  • Eudoros: Quite. See that my towels are readied.
  • Soldier: Can I do anything for you, my lord?
  • Eudoros: Stop annoying me, if you please. Idiot.
    Ah! My skin! Sure an affliction. I should never have consorted with that sailor.
    Bring me my roast piglet! I love to eat in a warm bath.

Bayek snuck up behind Eudoros and shoved his head into the water in the bath. Eudoros managed to escape his grip however, and the two entered a struggle. As Eudoros tried to strangle Bayek, the latter activated his Hidden Blade, plunging it into Eudoros' throat while accidentally cutting off his own ring finger.

Origins Quest08EndOfTheSnake Part05

Bayek screaming in pain

  • Bayek: Die, and be done with it!
  • Eudoros: May the gods curse you! What cause have you to kill me?
  • Bayek: It was you who murdered my son before my eyes.
  • Eudoros: You are a fool!
  • Bayek: At the temple in Siwa.
  • Eudoros: That forsaken shit hole? I had nothing to do with that disaster!

Bayek saw an apparition of a snake approaching Eudoros.

  • Bayek: It is too late for your lies. Anubis awaits.
Origins Quest08EndOfTheSnake Part06

Bayek facing Eudoros

Bayek struck his Hidden Blade into the snake, causing Eudoros to collapse as Bayek looked at the stump of his mutilated ring finger.

  • Bayek: It is worth the loss to slay the Snake at last.
  • Eudoros: The Snake?... The Snake will never die.

An apparition of Khemu appeared in the place of the snake Bayek had killed. As Eudoros turned to ash, Bayek held a feather above him.

Origins Quest08EndOfTheSnake Part09

Bayek cauterizing his wound

  • Bayek: Son of Apep, the lord of the Duat awaits.
  • Visitors: Eudoros! Killed!
    Oh, dear gods! He's been murdered!
    But he was so handsome!
    It's Eudoros! Poor soul!
    Look at the blood!

While escaping the bath house, Bayek cauterized the stump of his ring finger with a burning stick taken from a brazier.


Bayek killed Eudoros, seemingly avenging his son.



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