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End of the Road was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore and Sofia chased Ahmet's carriage with a carriage of their own, attempting to stop him and recover the Masyaf Keys. Ahmet was eventually killed by the new sultan, Selim, who was also his own brother.


  • Ezio: We are close! Keep steady!
  • Ahmet: Well, well! You have come to see me off!
  • Ezio: Hold on.

Sofia fell off the carriage and barely managed to hold on.

  • Sofia: Ah!
  • Ezio: Hang on, Sofia!
  • Sofia: Look out!

Ezio was thrown off the carriage.

  • Ezio: Argh!
  • Sofia: Ezio!

Ezio used his parachute to float behind the carriage.

Ezio behind the carriage

  • Sofia: Help!
  • Ezio: Are you hurt, Sofia?
  • Sofia: I don't think so!
  • Ezio: Hold on!
  • Sofia: Obviously!
  • Sofia: Oh no!

Sofia managed to climb back onto the carriage and took control of it.

  • Sofia: Va bene (okay) I am all right.
  • Ezio: Soldiers, up ahead!
  • Sofia: I see them!
    Forgive me!
  • Ezio: Sofia! You must be careful!
  • Sofia: I know, I know!
  • Ezio: Steel yourself, Sofia. More soldiers!
  • Ahmet: Faster!
    Out of the road!
  • Ezio: What are you doing?
  • Sofia: Keeping us on track!
    Oh my!
    Please move!
  • Ahmet: Your determination would be charming if it was not so infuriating!
    Incompetent children! Where did you learn to fight?
  • Sofia: Ezio, Look!

Ahmet slammed into Sofia's carriage until it broke down.

Ezio and Ahmet falling from a cliff

  • Sofia: Whoa! Go, Ezio! I am fine!

Ahmet and Ezio both fell over the edge of cliff. After their landing, Ezio recovered the Keys.

  • Ahmet: So what now, Ezio? How does this end?
  • Ezio: I am wondering that myself.

An army of Ottoman soldiers came marching.

  • Selim: Hold!
  • Ahmet: Soldiers! Selim is not your master! You serve the Sultan! You carry out his command alone! Where is he? Where is our Sultan?
  • Selim: He stands before you, brother. Father made his choice.
  • Ahmet: Selim! Stop! Please!

Selim pushing Ahmet off a cliff

Selim threw Ahmet of a cliff, sending him to his death.

  • Selim: So, you are the Assassin, Ezio Auditore? I am Selim, Suleiman's father. He speaks quite highly of you.
  • Ezio: He is a remarkable boy with a magnificent mind.
  • Selim: Were it not for his endorsement, I would have you killed where you stand. Leave this place, and do not return.

Ezio attempted to attack Selim, but was stopped by Sofia.

  • Sofia: You did the right thing, Ezio. This is not your fight.
  • Ezio: But where does one end, and the next begin?


Ahmet was killed by his own brother, Selim. Ezio recovered the Masyaf Keys, and he and Sofia set off to Masyaf.


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End of the Road
  • After replaying this memory, Ezio may lose all of his supplies except for bombs and medicine. This could be a glitch.
  • In the novel, the part where Ezio and Ahmet fall off a cliff and start fighting in midair is omitted entirely.


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