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End of the Line was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Crawford Starrick's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having learned that Pearl Attaway would be at Waterloo station, Jacob set out to assassinate her.


Jacob spoke with a member of the Rooks.

  • Rook: Sir! The engines have pulled into Waterloo. Once Starrick's men arrive, they're gonna unload the train.
  • Jacob: Not if the train has already left. Assemble a team at Charing Cross. I'll send the engines there for you to recover.

Jacob climbed the rafters at Waterloo station and assessed the situation. A conductor held back a large crowd.

  • Conductor: Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay! We will get you into the Central Station very soon! Where the hell is that schedule?

In the offices, a group of Blighters held the station chief hostage.

  • Blighter 1: Central Station's closed. Attaway's orders.

Two Templars inspected Attaway's train carriage.

  • Security chief: You saw these blueprints, did you not? Were you aware of this flaw?
  • Templar 1: It's only a minor weakness, sir. The final wagon is otherwise fortified.

Jacob noticed a group of Blighters guarding the Central Station.

  • Jacob: I don't like the look of these arseholes.
  • Guard: Keep about your business.
    Like a bunch of scurrying ants.
    Move along.
  • Crowd: This is absurd! I'm going to miss my train!
    I could go for a pasty.
  • Conductor: What the devil's going on? The station chief is usually punctual.
    Oh, come on, chief, where are you?
    Keep about your business.
    Once the order comes through, we will send you on your way to the Central Station.
    My colleague should be here shortly with the schedule for the Central Station. We thank you for your patience.

Jacob spoke to the conductor.

  • Jacob: I have urgent business in the Central Station.
  • Conductor: You may attend to that business once I receive word to let people through.
  • Jacob: I need to get to the Central Station.
  • Conductor: You and this whole lot. It won't happen until I have my train notices.
  • Jacob: Get out of our way.
  • Conductor: These people would be lost without my direction, and my direction comes from the station chief.

Jacob infiltrated the station's offices.

  • Station chief: Why are you doing this?
  • Blighter 1: Our employers belong to an organization-
  • Blighter 2: Don't tell him, you jobbernowl!
  • Blighter 1: He asked!
  • Blighter 2: And you tell everyone who asks about our business?
  • Blighter 1: Well...
  • Blighter 2: You do, don't you?! Un-bloody-believable!
  • Blighter 1: It's only happened a handful of times.
  • Blighter 2: We'll talk about this later. Just keep your mouth shut from now on.
  • Blighter 3: A bit harsh what they did to the station chief.
  • Blighter 4: It was just about the only way to keep the schedule from getting to the conductor down there.
  • Blighter 3: Not a complaint. More an observation.

Jacob freed the station chief from the Blighters.

  • Station chief: Thank you, lad. Now help me up.
  • Jacob: Have to run. Someone's bound to find you.

Jacob stole the train schedule in the offices and returned to the conductor.

  • Jacob: Here's your damn schedule.
  • Conductor: Oh, I... Thank you. Attention, passengers! All trains are being diverted to Central Station! I repeat, make your way to Central Station for departures!

As the crowd moved to the Central Station, Jacob was given an opportunity to approach Attaway's carriage stealthily.

  • Man: Ladies and gentlemen, please! No one is allowed in the Central Station. Please... turn back.

Jacob used a secret passage to the Central Station.

  • Blighter 5: What's taking Mr. Starrick so long?
  • Security chief: You saw these blueprints, did you not? Were you aware of this flaw?
  • Templar 1: It's only a minor weakness, sir. The final wagon is otherwise fortified.
  • Security chief: I'll be speaking to Mr. Starrick about this, you understand?
    The final wagon was meant to be impenetrable! But these blueprints tell a different story!
  • Templar 1: I will find out who is responsible for this vulnerability, sir!
  • Security chief: Only if you're sure it's no trouble.
    Attaway cannot know of this. Not ever.
    When I find who caused this mess...
    She would sack me for sure. But not if I make an example of someone first.
    Such a glaring flaw as well, unacceptable.

Jacob stole the blueprints from the security chief.

  • Letter: To Thomas Logan,
    Attached to his letter are the blueprints for Miss Attaway's fortified wagon, as requested. The highlighted weakness is a result of specifications made by a member of your team; their name is not in our records.
    Matthew Hughes.

Jacob climbed atop Attaway's train carriage, smashed through the weak point in the roof and assassinated Attaway with his Hidden Blade.

ACS End of the Line 4

Attaway during her final moments

  • Attaway: What a shame. Good partnerships are hard to come by.
  • Jacob: Ours is most certainly dissolved.
  • Attaway: It's business, Mr. Frye. One does what one must to come out on top. Crawford will not take the news of my death lightly... He can be... unpleasant when he's cross. I have sacrificed so much! I don't want to lose my buses...

After Attaway died, Jacob smeared a handkerchief with her blood. He then drove her train to Charing Cross station, where the Rooks unloaded the engines. On learning of Attaway's death, Starrick played the piano and sang.

  • Starrick: When coldness or deceit shall slight
    The beauty now they prize,
    And deem it but a faded light
    Which beams within your eyes;
    When hollow hearts must wear a mask-

A Templar entered the room.

  • Templar 2: Mr. Starrick-

Starrick shot him dead.

  • Starrick: I told you not to disturb me!

Lucy Thorne entered the room and closed the doors as Starrick continued playing.

  • Starrick: 'Twill break your own to see:
    In such a moment I but ask.
    That you'll remember me! That you'll remember me...
ACS End of the Line 9

Lucy expressing her desire to take revenge

  • Thorne: Crawford...
  • Starrick: Her luster stripped by the hands of that savage. He must be brought to justice.
  • Thorne: Pearl would not want justice. Pearl would want vengeance!
  • Starrick: Your passion is most welcome, Ms. Thorne. But we cannot let our emotions disrupt the lawful structures of society. If we do that, the enemy wins.
  • Thorne: It shall happen in the shadows. Ms. Frye will hang from the gallows, and I will flay her brother as he comes to save her.
  • Starrick: I suppose it must be done. Take no chances. Increase the Templar presence in London. We alone protect this city of light.
  • Thorne: Yes, Crawford. And then we shall enter the vault and cast aside the shadows together.


Jacob assassinated Pearl Attaway and learned of another Templar plot. Starrick was devastated by the death of his cousin, and ordered an increase in the Templar presence in the city.



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