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Emsaf (died 70 BCE) was a farmer who lived in Hebenou and secretly one of the last three Medjay, descendants of the Medjay bloodline. Married to Merti, he had a young son Ebe, whom he had begun to train in the Medjay ways.


One day, Emsaf received a letter summoning him to a meeting with the Medjay Elder, Hemon. Leaving his family, Emsaf was on his way when he realized that a skilled tracker was following him. Unknown to him, it was Bion, a killer sent by the Order of the Ancients to eradicate the Medjay bloodline. After Emsaf's departure from Hebenou, Bion arrived at Emsaf's home in order to kill him. Failing to find him, he killed Merti and Ebe instead.

Setting a trap, Emsaf was outsmarted by Bion, who used the corpse of a merchant he'd killed as a decoy, tying him to his horse with ropes. As Emsaf's arrows seemingly killed his pursuer, Emsaf left his hiding spot only to be stabbed from behind by Bion, who severed his spinal column. Now only able to speak and see, Emsaf was interrogated by Bion on the location of the other Medjay. However, he ultimately understood that Emsaf would never reveal that information, so Bion stabbed Emsaf in the eye, killing him.



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