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Empty Masks was an altered representation of a fragmented genetic memory.


There were Spartans among those who attacked us on the road to Amphipolis. Spartans led by a man in a strange mask. A Persian Immortal!

Ares and Athena were kind; we managed to escape with our skins.

We discovered a Spartan camp nearby, and they seem to know nothing of our presence. We do not know why they are here, this far north, but we are cautious. We burn with desire for retribution, but there are too many.

We will steal into their encampment and discover their purpose here, then take word to Amphipolis. Perhaps we can meet the Eagle Bearer with the weight of deed and coin behind our names.


The mercenaries met outside Ischagoras Military Camp.

  • Mercenary 1: Ok. We need to find proof that the Spartans are working with Persians here and take it to Amphipolis
  • Mercenary 3: I can smell the drachmae now.
  • Mercenary 3: We need to be careful. If we alert the whole camp, there is no way we get what we need.
  • Mercenary 3: In and out, quick and quiet. Erebus guide us.

The mercenaries made their way through the camp, evading or eliminating any Spartans they encountered until they reached a pile of war matériel with a number of Immortal faceplates stacked on top.

  • Mercenary 2: More masks! That warrior is not alone. We should take one with us.

The mercenary pocketed a mask and the group continued through the camp until they reached the command tent, where they saw a stack of papers on the central desk.

  • Mercenary 3: Here! Messages to and from the Persian army! This is solid proof.
  • Mercenary 1: Wait, this one says they have set up another ambush. Perhaps they have found this "Tainted One" they are looking for.
  • Mercenary 3: The ambush point; I know where that is. It is not far.
  • Mercenary 1: Whoever they are trying to kill may have more information. And, a little retribution might be fun. Let us go.


Inspecting the military camp, the mercenaries found evidence that the Immortal they had met was part of a larger unit, and that the local Spartans were taking orders from the Persian army. Learning that the coalition planned to ambush another traveler, the mercenaries decided to save the target and obtain what information they knew.


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